Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

No! Denied! Not allowed!

It's snowing. It was supposed to stay pretty enough to keep my sun roof open and my flip flops on!!!!! I'm going to visit my Mom this weekend and have no idea what kind of clothes to bring.

I will stop whining here.

In other news, I am going to Hobby Lobby today to buy this:

I must also show off the fabric I bought yesterday. My friend will use this to make curtains for me.

I don't know if you can tell, but it matches those boxes perfectly. I am going to have a craft room!!

For my last order of business, my corgi aptly named Rusty Venture has yet to make his appearance, so while I'm showing off pictures, here he is:

That is all. I really have to go get some things done.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I miss...

I miss Farscape... Just sayin'.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


For once I am so happy today. I've been working on the house. It kind of looks worse than before I started, but there is a reason. Kind of remodeling/rearranging and finally am getting something done. Moved the office to this bedroom, and aside from cleaning clutter and hanging some paintings it's done. Painted and the such. Might add some curtains to the wooden blinds. Once I get it done it's going to be an awesome room. Might post pics later.
The room where the office was will be a craft/storage room. Going to paint it a different shade of blue. I can't wait. Going soon to pick up paint, decorative storage boxes, and totes to put away those annoying things you don't know what to do with but are scared to throw away... like CD cases. (I want to just toss them after I get them all onto my computer --> phone) but the hubby won't let me.

Anyway I'm just saying I love days like today. No pressure, no leaving for work at 6:30PM, just getting stuff done and being outside once and a while. I'm going to get back to work before my butt gets glued to this horrible chair again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

EA blog idea...

Hi all,

We're pretty sure you've seen Grant's Blooper Blog:

We want to know- what kind of blog do you want to see next?

And speaking of bloopers, share yours with us here as well as your suggestions on what blogs we can put together in the near future.


I was so tempted to post my idea for their next blog, but as always I bite my tongue. But for the one poor soul that might read this, my idea? A forum fuck up blog. You can use this blog to explain how the hell half of us can see the new threads and half of us cant. And maybe give us a damned good reason for some of the bans.

A few quick things

1. Thank you StevieFischer. Well said.

2. I... REALLY hate my job. Really. I hate not drinking, not eating, and not pissing for 12 hours and still not being good enough. It's a let down on my self esteem and really just makes me hate humanity and drains my what compassion I have left, eliminating the part of me that made me want this job to begin with. (Run on sentences, anyone? Really don't care enough to fix it, though.)

3. I'm so fucking tired I forgot already. But really don't want to go to bed until this day is redeemed. (Not going to happen, I know.)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sims 3 "Community"?

One thing I just don't understand about the Sims 3 forums is their obsession with us not communicating with each other. No private messaging system. A friend was banned for being off topic, and the customer service person said "the forums are only for info, not to message each other". How on earth is that a community then? What is the purpose of making someone your "friend" on your profile? It's just a picture on your page. If not for the competitions I would just not go there anymore. It's not even fun other than the comps.

Which leads me to the modeling section. How is it that I have my browser opened, and the first part of today I can see the new threads, and then I eat dinner and come back to see them disappear again. Never closed the browser, just refreshed and *poof*. I don't care about clearing the cashe. That's been done multiple times. I just don't even get how that can be a problem.

Why not?

I wasn't going to create just a blog blog, but I thought, "Why not?" Maybe it will help me those times when I am trying to sleep but I just keep thinking about senseless things. Like "Hrm maybe I should just throw away all my socks and replace them all next time I'm out."
I'm sure we all do that.
Anyway a lot on my mind today. First of all I'm pretty happy because yesterday when I went out to eat with the husband and some friends I was able to wear my size 14 pants again. (It's kind of exciting for me just to be able to put on something other than pajamas or scrubs to begin with.) But 2 weeks ago my size 16's were starting to get a tad tight. How am I doing this? I'm cheating. Not even doing that great of a job with it, either lol. I went to a weight loss clinic, or as I've been calling it, "the fat doctor". I'm on phentermine. Yeah, if it isn't actually "Phen-Phen" it's pretty close. I thought phen-phen was actually taken off the market, so hopefully this isn't quite as bad. I haven't checked my BP or anything since I've been on it but I don't feel any weird palpitations or anything. I just feel a little more energetic and fill up a little faster. How can I complain about that? I'm also taking the "diet shots". These aren't just B12. They have B6 and adenosine too. I really think they help out. An hour after my first one I was bouncing off the walls, and had been up for almost 24 hours.
When I first went to the clinic, actually.. it was 3 weeks ago, not two. Oops. Anyway I weighed 181.1 lbs. I am not weighing myself every day but just on Mondays. I was 170.3 I think yesterday. And really I haven't been eating better; just eating less.

Okay enough about my fat ass. My friend dyed my hair for me the other day, which is nothing new, but this time I went lighter. We bleached it first. I was just too curious and (especially with my hair) I always let curiosity get the best of me. I do like it, though. It looks kinda weird but when I take the flat iron to it it's better. It was kind of a crazy orange, but now it's fading to more of a strawberry blonde. No idea what I'll do when I start getting roots, though. I don't usually keep the same color for more than 2 months.
Here it is, but I think this was before it faded:

So if anyone actually reads this who has one of these blogs, does it always post the picture on top for you too? It's a bit annoying to have to go to the html to move the picture where I want it. Oh well. Think I'll shut up and get the house cleaned up.