Friday, July 30, 2010

Is my mind in the wrong place or...

Does this kind of remind you of a certain bear you might see in certain... corners of the internet?  I'm not going to tell you what I named him, but it starts with a P and ends with edo.  He was a "laundry gnome".  Looking at some undies maybe?  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gift for Abra and Magic, plus a necklace (that I need to repair)

:D Kinda stupid, but you might like it.
And now my latest bead creation:

Sadly though I must have used a cheap crimp bead on it, because the crimp bead broke on the blue strand of beads and I have to restring it, but I will totally double check the crimps this time. :D  I need to find some organza so I can attempt making my own flowers.  BTW forgive me if I've already posted this necklace on here... I couldn't find it but I might be crazy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Simiverse Cycle Three Assignment One

Aislin was so nervous about her first show, it felt like she was losing everything.
"Where on EARTH is that gorgeous couture dress?  This is my first show!" She said, searching frantically through the racks, the clotheshangers screetching noisly across the bar.
You see, this show was quite a big deal for people of the underworld. A fashion show was something new and abstract to them, totally off beat from the mondane usual business of the dark alleyway where the shady figures thrived.

"OKay... Calm down, Aislin," She said to herself, "Well find Em.  She'll know.. It's gotta be totally okay to ask questions, right?"
She knocked on Em's door to find Em with her feet resting on the desk and a smirk on her face.

"Em... I'm so sorry to bother you but the only dresses I can find seem to be from that cheap junior store at the mall. Gotta be honest.. I've never been a fan of zebra print..  When we practiced there was this bea-"

Em interrupted her.
"Sorry, young succubi.  No couture for you. Good luck. By the way, you have about 40 seconds till you're on."

Aislin ran and frantically grabbed some shoes, a random dress of the rack and went on stage.  Of course it had to be the zebra print.

She put her nerves behind her and gained her confidence back only to be bewildered again.  Luckily the gorgeous Gothi-vintage style bikini was still there for the swimsuit show, or so she thought. When she saw the other girls freaking out she knew this was another twist.
"No matching bikini's huh?"  Then a spark of an idea hit her. Aislin knew that the audience to this alleyway fashion show was filled with loonies and shady characters who really just wanted to have a good time, so she grabbed a bottom and accessories (one piece for each color of the rainbow), threw it on and rocked the house.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Vote Beggars: Seriously?

I've acquired a new pet peeve.  I may be part of the problem, having a poll for my competition, but I think there is a major difference.
I hate when I am in a chat box, or go into a chatbox and see that there is or has been someone there who is rarely there and this is the extend of their conversation:

"Hey guys! Long time no chat! Hey I'm in the finale of such and such comp will you vote for me? here's the link? Oh man i gotta go! See you later!"

I don't even care if you vote for your friend because you want to do something nice for them. That vote is at least SOMEWHAT earned because you've been a good enough friend to that person that they want good things to happen to you.  (I hope that makes sense.)  I know people have done it for me and I appreciate it, but the last thing I want is for people to feel like they are obligated to vote for me.  I want people to feel free to vote for who THEY want to win.  That's why I made my poll anonymous.. I'm hoping that helped.

So please don't come and BEG for votes from people you otherwise wouldn't give a second glance to.  Anyway competitions for me are more for the fun and community sharing aspect... Basically I like to look at the pretty pictures, I like to create, and I've gained a ton of amazing friends.  If I win, that's just an added bonus.

Where is this hair? Could it be an easter egg?

Anyone notice that on the front page?  I don't remember it being in the store or anything...  Could it be an easter egg from the new SP or EP?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I got runner up!  Congrats to MurderPrincessK.  You deserved it.  Your pictures were amazing throughout the competition!

Gothique Assignment: Wrath

I see here my sweet sister
Barely breathing
But the last air she will breathe
Is filled with your vile gasses.

Your wicked taunts filled the air
and echoed in these halls.
But no more!  
This place will burn for this!

Your self-important ways will cease.
You care not about the lives of others.
God may be forgiving,
But I am not!

My dearest sister often wondered,
How do these fools sleep at night?
Tonight, my friends,
You will sleep, but dream no more.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hitched! Voting

Voting for Hitched Finale!

Entries can be found here.

Please keep in mind the voting for this is anonymous, so no one will see who you have voted for.  seren, Sun and hush have worked extremely hard on these pictures and throughout the competition, so please participate and respect them by choosing the picture you think deserves to win!

3 points will be given to the picture with the most votes.
2 with the second and so on.  My scoring will go the same way.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Glassbury Legacy Narrative

This is just an exercise for my writing, really.

Nestled in the upper hills of Riverview lies the Glassbury home, modest in comparison to the massive mansions surrounding it, but quite nice compared to it's meek and humble beginings.  Within it lives the Glassbury family: Desiree, Gabriel, Cedric, Nicole, and Calvin.

"Fashionista, huh?" Desiree left work slightly worried about her new promotion.  Her hand was cramping from cutting hair and her brain was fried from trying to satisfy the pickiest of customers.  If they wanted to choose everything themselves, then why were they paying her?

She sets down to relax with husband Gabriel and daughter Nicole in front of the television when Gabriel asks how her day was.
"I got a promotion, and I made a lot of money.  It seems like the clients are happier when I just pick random crap."
"Well I'm glad to hear that because I went a little over budget today on the dining room," Gabe said, pulling her closer and rubbing her shoulders, hoping she wouldn't be upset.  
"Come take a look?"

And how could Desiree be upset?  It was gorgeous. The big empty space for sure looked more inviting and calming than she could have imagined.  Not to mention they were no longer using outdoor furniture inside.  Besides, with her new promotion, she would easily earn the money back the next day.

Nicole stared at the new vase of fresh picked flowers after eating her breakfast.  Should she really be upset?  She was the oldest, and she wasn't even sure, but she just had a feeling that when the time came, she would be the one leaving.  When Cedric came down and attempted to prepare his breakfast, she started feeling like she had less to worry about.

Surely they woudn't trust this house to someone who can't even heat up some waffles.  Not very stiff competition.

Later in bed Desiree and Gabriel start discussing their future.  They had planned on limited children, but now that she is earning more and Cedric and Nicole are growing up, she's missing having a little one.

"Maybe we can leave it up to chance," Gabriel suggested.  And they did......

Simiverse Finale - Please participate!

The voting is here:

Both MPK and I have worked very hard throughout this competition, and I am just asking now that you vote, and please vote for your favorite picture(s).  It is anonymous, but I would not be offended if you didn't vote for me anyway.

Here is the page with the entries:


Legacy Wedding

When I played Sims 2 I used to love attempting to have pretty weddings.  Since I've been playing Sims 3, I haven't really done that.  I decided though with my first legacy heir, to throw a huge wedding bash.  I wanted it to be absolutely gorgeous and I wanted some gorgeous screen shots!  So here they are!

Warning: I have a LOT!

Nervous bride (Her name was Kerrie something and I think she was a repair person lol)

I love the way he's looking at her in this picture!

Cedric's little brother Calvin wants to know when he's going to be an uncle... the look on his face tells us that Cedric was caught off guard ;)

Parents of the groom are inspired

The bride and groom hide from the guests for a while and relax :)

Sorry.  I know that was kind of a lot, but I really enjoyed these :D  

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hitched Cycle Two

In case anyone is interested :)

Simiverse Finale

Since Simiverse is wrapping up, Leah has had an offer to star in a movie. Always looking for something new and exciting, Leah accepted. The movie is a sci-fi thriller called "One Thousand Moons". Let's just hope it doesn't flop!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gothique Entry

We shall see how I do this round :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unattended Update...

Okay so I was sort of proud of my effects I attempted, but as in many competition entries you don't get to see the level of detail in the finished product, so I'm going to post a few pics from the unattended "blooper reel"

I just love custom content makeup.  I'm hoping some of this will help with gothique.  By the way, this is Saffron's mother, and I made her by having Saffron and Vincent from Simiverse have a baby in CAS :D  I changed her skintone and hair though. :)  Pretty other than the blood right?

I didn't include this shot (even though I like it) because if that car hit that tree at 60mph as in the story, it would not look like that.  I couldn't find the junk car in the game to put there.  If anyone knows where to find a junked or wrecked car PLEASE let me know.  I've wanted one on several occasions.

You may notice some irregularities in my characters' homes in the future.  I shouldn't point a big arrow to this, but only Cameron's home was saved in my reinstall.  :(  So anyway, this is Saffron's new kitchen.  I love it and want it hehe.

Thinking of changing the settings on the Unattended blog to warn of the content.    Anyway, here is Chapter Seven.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simiverse Entry

Whacha think?  Not sure how good the edited in background works :(

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Glassbury Update:

I am thinking of doing some small narrated story-like updates on my legacy family, just to kind of help exercise my writing and maybe help with my bit of writer's block.  Not going to focus this blog on them.  Anyway right now I'm going to just show you a few things.  Might start the actual narration stuffs tomorrow or Monday.

This is their home so far.  It's looking so much better than theone wall, toilet, fridge and bed Desiree started with:

And I think this is my fave dining room I've ever done:

Living room: (Sorry guys, I enjoy building/int design)

This is Cedric, who will probably be my heir:

And Nicole:

I'm thinking of getting Desiree preggo again :)

Just A Random Update

First off, wanted to say I have not worked on Unattended at all recently.  I've kind of been distracted with... life I guess hehe.  We need a new roof on our house and got an estimate we didn't like :o  And competitions.. woo.... I'm trying to not join anymore and just stick with the ones I'm in till I'm out, but I'm tempted to join Starry  Eyed again because it was fun and easy going.

Secondly, my husband informed me that one of my fave bands is releasing a new CD but not till September, though they do have a single out.  I'm SOOO excited.  I LOVE Stone Sour!!  I shall post a youtube link..

If I didn't say, I will be posting signups for Hitched Cycle Two when everyone has their entries in for cycle 1.. which is also when I will be posting the poll on here.  :)  So as Seren asked, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote.  They have worked really hard, and you don't have to worry about offending anyone because it will be an anonymous poll  (hence why it's on my blog.)  I will link to the forum topic on here and I will link to the blog post on the forum.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's coming :D

So I had some rules and stuff typed out for a sign up post to save for then the finale is over (or almost over) and my power went out :( :(  Anyway I'm kinda proud of my banner and Megan said I should show it off :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Glassbury Legacy

After a cocktail of motrin, hot tea and some dayquill I'm able to finally look at a computer screen. :D I've been trying to play a legacy.  I've never really committed to one before.  I had to reinstall when I had my "Mint" legacy.  So Here I begin my Glassbury Legacy.  I has pics. Let me shows you my pics :)

Desiree, My founder

Desiree with hubby Gabriel, a tourist from France

And the two possible heirs:

Nicole... no idea where she got the blonde hair

Cedric, who actually grew to child with female hair and fairy wings:
Doesn't look too happy about it, either, does he?

I'll post pics as teens.  Still undecided on the whole next comp thing, but I'm leaning towards cycle two of Hitched :)  Would like to have 1-2 other judges, so let me know if you are interested :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Possible Blunder on my part

So I was talking with some friends about my Modeling Killed the Radio Star Idea, and my attention was directed to SilverDragon's Sim Idol comp.  Do you think my idea is too close to hers?  With that in mind should I just do Hitched?