Thursday, October 28, 2010

Machinima? Maybe.

I'm thinking about trying my hand at machinima.  I just want to goof off with it and see what's up.  I might post my first sad attempt on here, but don't expect it to be good or even make sense.  I just want to do something to get the feel for it.  Not sure If I want to do some kind of cute thing about my legacy or maybe a music video.  If I do a music video for a song it won't be anything like the actual music video.  I like to take the idea of the song and make it my own.  Anyway we shall see after I get my nasty arse kitchen cleaned up ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's all good in the Berry 'Hood

So I about spazzed when my friend installed Late Night and was livestreaming and realized none of her sliders worked, and at that moment I had a sneaking suspicion it was the UI mod.  Well I've been painfully waiting to install, because I canNOT live without my fawkes skins.
Well today I was snooping around and stumbled across a comment on mysims3blog that said it would still work just as before without the UI mod, meaning if you had a mouse with a scroll wheel then you could install the skins and not need the UI mod.
I am soooo bloody happy.  You just scroll with your wheel to see the skins.  There is no scroll bar on the side, but they are still there I promise.  Here are some screenies for proof:

Sooooo yeah another reason none of my housework is going to get done today ;) ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late Night does not like Berries

So I got Late Night already.  I've not installed it though just yet because my friend had to uninstall her UI mod to get her game to work.  Now I'm afraid because my legacy and the whole town almost has the Fawkes skins.  What if the fix for it (either in the patch or in a UI mod update) still kinda messes up the sims you already have with the different skin tones?  Maybe I'm just paranoid but I might lose the Sky legacy.  I'm certainly not patching or installing till after Faerie is over because my model has a fawkes skintone which uses the UI mod.

I know this will be a big deal for the Berry Sweet community, so hopefully it will be fixed fast.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Faerie Folk Assignment Eight

Gossamer stood in the humid forest taking in the soft sound of the rain hitting the canopy. She took in the scenery of the beautiful, lush forest around her. She noticed the Macaws, in particular, their bodies coated in flakes of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and brilliant golds. One in particular was perched on a limb and she felt... a fear... and pain.. from it. It looked at her.
"Help me" she received from it, but not so much as words as a general thought or feeling.
"Come," she communicated back.
It clumsily flew to her hand. She hovered her hand around it, concentrating on the injured wing. The blood and fear slowly melted away. She felt appreciation from the bird, and a request to return the favor. A scroll appeared in her other hand, with "I found what I was looking for. I am in the rainforest. Love, Goss" written on the paper.
"Take this to my host. Not all the way. Just pass it along," Gossamer instructed, "And I think I owe you more thanks. I've just found myself." 

She'd been hearing buzz about this Aedan guy that the agency was hoping to recruit, and after seeing him in the office, Gossamer understood why. He was muscular, had dark red hair and these eyes that seemed to keep her own eyes captive. Gossamer was overwhelmed with desire when she saw him.
"I MUST talk to him," she thought, then realized the fact that she was inside a modling agency filled with fierce competition.
"Stop making excuses," she told herself, and walked toward him.
"What do I say? Do I look silly? Will he care about my wings or that.." she was stopped by the fact that she had bumped into something... errr.... someone. HIM.

"Oh, my. I'm so sorry," she said and ran off.
That night she rested her head on her pillow and began to dream.

She was a flight attendant on a long flight, but she couldn't help but to think that her skirt was a little shorter than what the airline might have wanted. She made her way down the aisle checking on the passengers.
"Care for a drink? Hot towel?" she asked a lady with dark hair.
"No thank you."
The next passenger was a familar man, red hair, muscular.... Aedan!
"Care for a drink, sir?"
He had a sly grin, and he was looking her up and down. She felt a chill.
"No, thank you. However do you think it's a bit stuffy in here?"
"Uuumm maybe a little. I can see about.."
"No, no, that's okay. I was just thinking about losing some of these clothes. Would you care to uh... assist me in the bathroom. I wouldn't want you to go out of your way but.."
Gossamer's heart was racing, and she wanted to say no, that he was crazy, but she just couldn't.
"That wouldn't be a problem," she said, He took her in arm, her excitement building up, and they ran together to the small bathroom...


That next day at the agency Gossamer was giddy and happy. She'd managed to remember that little happy dream, and she kept playing it over and over in her head.
"It was soo... real!" she'd thought. Then on her way to a shoot, she saw him again. Aedan. He smiled at her, winked, and said,
"Welcome to the mile high club, Goss." 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I might be finished

I usually try to avoid posting about things of this nature, but if this isn't just some weird temporary thing, then I will soon be finished with the EA forums.  (After my modeling comps are finished.)  This whole awaiting approval from a mod thing?  This is a moderated forum?  Just what are you trying to crack down on now?  I really wasn't super "OMG I hate EA" till now.  I did get slightly annoyed at some excessive bannage, but I didn't really much put too much worry on it.  Now this is just a bit much.  I feel like we're all in a classroom and a 5th grade teacher is constantly yelling for us to "use our 6 inch voices".  I'm done with it.  It's not fun, so why even bother?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Craftsman Avenue - House

I decided to make a house for upload to the exhange.  I made a furnished version and an unfurnished version.  They are as follows:


I accidentally wrote in the description of the unfurnished one that it has three bedrooms.  It actually has four.  I didn't use any CC (cept maybe a pattern or two) but there are some store/EP items.

First Floor:

Second floor:


Oh, and by the way my game is doll free. :D :D  Please rec if you download, and comment here if you have downloaded and have problems.  Thanks much!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simiverse - The Pit and the Pendulum

I put forward my arm, and shuddered to find that I had fallen at the very brink of a circular pit, whose extent, of course, I had no means of ascertaining at the moment. Groping about the masonry just below the margin, I succeeded in dislodging a small fragment, and let it fall into the abyss. For many seconds I hearkened to its reverberations as it dashed against the sides of the chasm in its descent; at length there was a sullen plunge into water, succeeded by loud echoes. At the same moment there came a sound resembling the quick opening, and as rapid closing of a door overhead, while a faint gleam of light flashed suddenly through the gloom, and as suddenly faded away. 


Down - still unceasingly - still inevitably down! I gasped and struggled at each vibration. I shrunk convulsively at its every sweep. My eyes followed its outward or upward whirls with the eagerness of the most unmeaning despair; they closed themselves spasmodically at the decent, although death would have been a relief, oh! how unspeakable! Still I quivered in every nerve to think how slight a sinking of the machinery would precipitate that keen, glistening axe upon my bosom. It was hope that prompted the nerve to quiver - the frame to shrink. I was hope - the hope that triumphs on the rack - that whispers to the death-condemned even in the dungeons of the inquisition. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faerie Folk Entry!

Gossamer was only eleven when her family first crossed over to this realm; so young her wings were but tiny nubs that fit beneath her clothing. She was very curious about anything and everything, and when her mother came home from the store with some makeup, she just had to see what it was. She made a poor attempt to put it on, and decided that she looked more like she'd been punched in the face than anything, even though she tried to follow the instructions. Her mother walked in just as she was about to wash it off!! Oh no! She'd been caught! But instead of getting upset, her mom chuckled a little, and they both tried to figure out this makeup stuff together. Perhaps you could say this was the very first moment that inspired Gossamer to model. 

"Cutesy" Faerie pic:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A bracelet, earrings, and a... fail?

Well my title is backwards.  The fail is first.  I decided to attempt to incorporate my leather cord into a necklace.  I hadn't used it yet and it seemed simple enough to do.  The problem is that I tried too hard maybe?  It's nothing complicated, but idk it just didn't work, but I didn't take it apart.  I figured once I got the store up maybe there would be someone who didn't think it was as ugly as I think it is.

I'm just not sure at all what kind of shirt or dress that would actually look good with.  Meh.  But this is where the fail fades away and gradually gets better.  I decided I DID like the pattern and colors of the beads, and I don't make many bracelets, soooooOOOO:

I really like it, and I'm inspired now to make many more bracelets.  Now, for the finale, are the earrings I'd planned on making for a while.. almost since I got the beads.  They might be a bit long, but they aren't as heavy as they look:

I think it might help a tad if I remove the jump between the big hoop and the ear hook thing.  (the little circle)  I just felt like it would be a little stronger with it.  *shrugs*  We'll see, but otherwise I like, and actually think the picture turned out pretty cool with the shadowing :D