Friday, December 31, 2010


New Year's Eve here, and it's the first time in I don't know how long I'm off work.  What am I doing?  Sittin' at home. xD  S'alright.  Hubby and I are going to have some champange and pizza rolls and relax.  :D Hope you guys have a great night and a happy new year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hitched! Volume Three is here!

Check the forum post for rules, etc.  It's going to be awesomeness!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Stay safe, especially if you live somewhere with nasty weather!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mages gone Wild

So I talked Kelle into downloading the 10 day world of warcraft trial, and all morning we've been painting the shires red. (lmao how cheesy am I?)
I made a little human mage to hang out with her and show her what little ropes I know.  We're having a blast.  Here's some more picspam.  (What else did you expect? xD)

Outside of the human starting zone, doing a victory dance after kicking some arse.

Kelle dancing with a slutty giant Santa's helper chick aka "Winter Reveler"
Me getting rowdy at the bar :D
Kelle Standing on a Gryph thingy

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's not fair...

I'm going to do something I almost never do, and make a sort of personal blog post. I have always shunned this, but I feel I have a friend who deserves every effort to keep her around, so I'm going for it.  I just feel the need really to step up to the plate for her.

Seren, I said in my email to you that there are so many people that respect you so much and really want to see you around, no matter what some people say.  The first thing I want to do is apologize, because I didn't mean to keep you in the dark and keep your hopes up by only telling you what I had to about the situation with Em.  I don't hate Em and I didn't want to turn her into a villain, although I do not think she is the victim she wants to be portrayed as.  I didn't want any more friendships broken up on my account.  

To everyone else, just FYI Seren hasn't been around cloudTen much either, and she usually is when she can even when things are mostly dead.  I understand though that she's had a lot going on, ranging from illness to a new job.  It's just life, and that takes precedence.  I will admit, whether it makes me a coward or what, I generally prefer not to post these things in public, but sometimes lines of communication get shut down and you have no idea how else to go about it.  I am fully aware that by posting this I am giving permission to anyone to pick it apart and do whatever, but I just don't particularly care.  I mainly just felt the need to step out there and let Seren know that not everyone is upset with her and that there are tons who respect her.  

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Before the I Do's Assignment Two

A Myth to Believe in


I'd do anything to have her to myself
Just to have her for myself
Now I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do
When she makes me sad.

She is everything to me
The unrequited dream
A song that no one sings
The unnatainable

She's a myth that I have to believe in
All I need to make it real is one more reason
I don't know what to do, I dont know what to do
When she makes me sad.

- From Vermillion pt. 2, Slipknott
(Really recommend listening to this song... will totally help you get the feel)

It... he... was everywhere. That presence. I felt him, and in the beginning I could only faintly see him, a faint almost holographic figure lurking in the shadows. I started feeling a connection. The presence was so strong, but I knew I had to be the only one that could see him. Campus security would have ran him off a long time ago. Finally one night as I left the back door of the Witherspoon Women's Dormitory, I stepped outside and knew immediately he was there, waiting. Any normal person would have been scared or creeped out of their wits. I couldn't tell you why, but I wasn't. I felt strangely connected to this... entity.. that seemed to be seeking me. The closer he came to me, the more solid his figure became.

"What are you?" I wispered, feeling his breath on my neck.
"I'm not so sure anymore," he quietly replied.
"Meet me tomorrow," I said. I was in a hurry, having to attend an art show, but I had to talk to him more. I had to know what he was.
"Follow the trail in the woods when you wake. I will be there," he said. His voice was hypnotic and dark.

I had become all but human. The more fixated and fascinated with her I became, the stranger my life became. I began to feel emotion. I began to see as the humans saw, and to feel the sensation of things when I touched them. I gained so much but I was losing what I was. I had no power over events. I could not control fate anymore than any of the strange beings walking around me. My mind pondered in a way that it never had, and it was giving me a headache... speaking of which... PAIN! Not a big fan...

Leaning against the old delapidated barn, I saw her walking through to the clearing, pushing flyaway branches out of her path. She came. I have no idea why, but she came. I met her, and took her hand. The feel of it... electrifying, but what would I give up for it? I liked my old life.

"So what are you?" she finally said. I had prepared my answer for this question, but remember I was completely new at dealing with human emotion, so it was very hard for me to actually speak it aloud to Raina.
"I am.. a demon. An evil spirit. Or at least I once was. I cause bad things to happen."
She must have believed me, because she let her grip of my hand slip, and she looked away.
"It's what I do, Raina. I keep balance."
"Why do you seek me? Am I going to die soon?"
I couldn't help but to laugh.
"Nothing like that," and we talked for hours about what had happened over the past few weeks.

It didn't take long before I was completely enthralled with Dimitri. I didn't know why he had fixated on me, a student at a small Liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere, but I was strangley comfortable with it. In fact, I felt mysterious and wanted. He reveled in touching me, as if every contact was a new sensation.

Some Competition Entries

I've been a total slacker about posting my comp entries on my blog, which is something I like to do.  Your awesome "Off with his/her head" entry reminded me, Seren so thanks much!  I have quite a few and my Before the I do's is rather long, so I think it will get it's own separate post.  OOhhh what shall we start with?

I think we'll start with the example pic I made for Faerie Folk, because for reasons unknown I really like it xD.

The man didn't know for how long he'd been in the musty, dark, cold room, but he knew it was too long. 
She finally entered again, the demonic beauty that had lured him there. With her came enough light to see his surroundings. Some old, expensive looking draperies framing an even older picture, vines growing everywhere...
Despite the moistness in the air, his mouth was parched and sticky to the point of which he could barely speak.
"Do you need water?" she said in her voice, clear and echoing as a bell.
"Yes, please, please," he begged.
She handed him a cup. He guzzled it down, then handed it back to her, a strange feeling of gratitude for this simple act of kindness and mercy. He looked again at his surroundings, which were getting slightly hazy. The dehydration was setting in, he thought.
He looked at the vines and plant life around him... was it.. moving? Growing inch by inch quickly, and.. was it.. in his direction?
Then, to his horror, vines began to quickly reach for him.. around him, as if to take him in and swallow him as he had the water! 

What next... I joined Arrow's undead comp, but I really hate the entry I did for that, so I'm going to casually skip that.  Ah!  Nature's finest.  I don't have a written part for that, so here's the pic:

And okay, this has got to be one of my faves in a while, although I'm a *tad* worried about her wardrobe.  I am having a blast with Calendar Girls!  Here is India after a few drinks going wild at a speakeasy!

Alright, stay tuned to the next post for Before the I Do's ;)

What do you get when a simmer tries to play WoW?


I'm really enjoying World of Warcraft, and I now have two characters I play.  As of now, Kaleya is still my main.  Here are some nifty stats on her:

It's so cute the way the holidays are integrated into the game.  Amidst the chaos of the cataclysm, there's still time for Christmas cheer:

This is my most recent close up of Kaleya, though now she's got some nifty shoulder pads and such.  I just had to show off her tabbard:

I also started a Night Elf Mage, named Sidrenne:
She's going to  use arcane magic.  Why?  Because it's so pretty.  Yeah I warned you.  A simmer turning to Wow..  What else do you expect?  ANYway I'm on Icecrown.  Send me a PM or something if you want my email for realid if you play :D

Friday, December 17, 2010

What a judge wants..

I've had this idea, not anything really huge.  I just wanted to get together some people who have some experience judging comps and just kind of compile their input on what they like/don't like in competition entries.  The discussion on editing in faerie folk really made me want to do this even more, but I want your input as well.  Do you think its a good idea?  Where would you want to see it? (Options being here, on cloudTen, or maybe a post on the modeling section.)  If you are a judge and want to share input please let me know! (several ways to get ahold of me.)
I would especially love like example pics for comparison, but please maybe your own so as not to offend anyone.  Thanks!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A message to Anakin

Not sure anyone will get that but Yazzie and I.  I don't much like it kuz it almost has a sombre feel to it, and I don't want to have a sombre attitude about things.  Anakin... You will pull through this! We all love you!
Love, Einstein

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Journal of Jonathan Karmak

I'm really excited to show off my husband's blog.  I think the creativity of the simming world has rubbed off onto his World of Warcraft adventures.  This really is excellent and fascinating.  It's done kind of like a journal with attached photos.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Calendar Girls Assignment Two

I always feel weird getting an assignment done so quickly, but I was inspired, had the time, and fell in love with the pic once it was done.  And yes, very short written part but... I didn't want to ruin it.

One of the perks of being an upcoming model is hanging with some famous and highly influential people, including Tom Lemon from General Salt's Lonely Hearts Group. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Before the I Do's

I'm incredibly excited about Yazzie's awesome comp, and my couple!  This is one of the rare occasions I actually have a story in mind that will really inspire my entries.  Anyway I'm going to refrain from telling too much about them, hoping their story will reveal itself with each entry.  Though it's incredibly hard not to just blurt it all out here. (Seren, Hush and Blair... how ever do you keep your lips zipped? lol)

Anyway, Here is the couple:
Dimitri Carrion:

Raina Gilbert:

And here is Assignment One:

Demanoid Phenomenon 

Who am I? More what am I? I think the term most of you would use and what most have used throughout the ages would be, “demon”. Some call me karma. I think of myself as something more simple than that. I think of myself as a force. I just happen to be one of the forces in the world that aren't liked by many, because I simply cause bad things to happen.
I am a necessary evil in this world. Some of you may have heard, without darkness, there is no light. Sadly, there is a reason many cliches are true. I aid to complete the balance.

For an amount of time I've forgotten, hundreds, maybe a thousand years by now, I've roamed the earth as this emotionless force, the memory of what I once was all but vanished. My life, if that's what you call it, a series of “if then” statements, as I liked to think of it. If the balance has been upset, then I must adjust it.

But as comfortable as I am, as automated is this process is for me, it seems it is time for my story to take a turn. As I said before, for hundreds of years I have been a force, but not a force directly felt. I have not been heard, seen, or acknowledged directly until the very moment I met Raina.

November 2, 2009
He told me today about the first day we really met, and strangely enough I think I remember it, though I can't be certain. He says it was raining, and I was in the lounge area of the dorms where no one really goes. I had a book in my hands, and I was studying. That would make sense. It was the only place I could study since Sam always had her “sisters” over. He told me it was the first time in hundreds of years he'd felt emotion. He was “reading” me, as he does, who knows, probably devising some plot for pain. Maybe some kind of college loner suicide. Who knows, knowing him. He said I knew I wasn't alone, and that I was the first person to acknowledge him in centuries. Apparently that was the first time I met Dimitri.