Friday, April 29, 2011

My First Machinima

I don't know why before I couldn't get Windows Movie Maker to work with my sims 3 videos, but it does now.  I was looking at a few camera tutorials and I decided to mess around and this is the product:

Just a warning, there's no awesome plot or amazing set or anything.  I just had a bunch of sims dancing basically.  I'm still kind of diggin it though.  Lol.  The lip sync is off some in spots but whatev xD

p.s. Idk why the quality is so crappy.  It's not that way on my computer D:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hitched! Volume Three Finale :o

Going to be some awesome pics!  Click the pic to follow it!  Pretty sad it's over.  Not sure about a forth cycle.  Going to run Canvas first and then see how I feel, so it could be the end of Hitched... D:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Totally Real Assignment One

As with many stories, this one begins with an end. It was early in the day, before the first sunrise, before all of the aristocrats would slowly begin strolling in to gawk at the stone tomb where my wife lay to rest. Some of them would whisper to each other that Xia, our daughter, wasn't wearing the proper shade of green for a gathering of the Calethian Court.

It didn't much matter now that Dresden was dead. I would soon be no more than an ordinary citizen of Calethia. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am a bead hoarder.

Warning:  Major Pic Spammage

Finally got a chance to do some more beading.  I apologize for the poor picture quality.  Was too lazy to dig out the camera so I used my phone.  Besides the phone can upload directly to photobucket which is major awesome.

Anyway this is what I've done tonight:

This necklace is one I had already made but it was too random and therefore laid funny, so I fixed it.  Not amazing but a little better:

Next on the list was the steampunk one I had bought findings for forever ago, and just couldn't figure out how to put it all together.

Some of the parts:

The necklace:

Yeah I know, it's rather weird but idk with just the right outfit it could be pretty nifty.

Anyway next I wanted something a little softer, so I went with some pastel pink and uuhh aqua? green? something...

I also made a set.... A rainbow mother of pearl set.  <3
I'm not like in love with the pendant, but I had already restrung it like twice due to technical difficulties and I do plan on actually making more of these.. whether rainbow or just two alternating colors:

And thats as far as I got, but here is some randomness:

I absolutely love this thing, and maybe one of these days if I have enough to sell at like a festival or maybe a flea market it can totally be used as a display.  Wish i'd gotten more lol.  It's like a coat hanger for jewelry.

I was going to post pics of all my beads int he containers that I had posted in chat, but realizing the pics didnt turn out so great and Kelle wanted me to label the beads but im too lazy at the moment.  Also not sure I'd ever have time to make what people suggested. lol.  But it was pretty uh.. almost disturbing how many I had lol.  Aannyyway hope you enjoyed and sorry for the massive amount of picspam.  Really though if I continue I might open up the etsy before too long.  Make some of this money back!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fog Emitter Picspam

Many, many, many thanks to SimEve.  This is her youtube channel.  Sun and I watched her vids displaying the fog emitter codes and I got totally inspired.  Here is a link to her youtube channel:

Anyway... I was goofing off with this one called ep2hospital or something like that... holy jazz it was kinda neat.  Here's some random picspam.  They don't really make sense, but here they are:

One of these may end up being an example pic for Canvas :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Gave In/New Blog Header?

I gave in and downloaded the pose player.   Uuuhhh gotta admit I'm happy.  I haven't downloaded any poses yet.  Anyway I'll show you a photoshoot.  One is before I downloaded the pose player and these decorative in game birds I found...   I'm kind of diggin the second one with the in game birds (even though they aren't the highest quality) and I'm thinking of using it as a new header and the inspiration of my new blog theme.  Thanks Sun and Cel... for posting those awesome vids and inspiring me to do a "just because" pic.

Before Pose Player/Birds:
The birds in the pic are gimp brushes.

After Pose Player/Birds:

Obviously the angle and stuff helps too...  xD

Dreamscapes Assignment Two

The assignment is basically your model portraying the 60's.  Dagan is big into music, so this is quite appropriate ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

deComped is back!

I kinda wanna reinvigorate cloudTen so I've started doing deComped again with an interview with Simanims.  I'm just majorly impressed with the rate at which she's improved and her pics are really off the hook now!  I feel bad that she just get elim'd from Faerie Folk, but she made it to the top three with some tough competition so gotta give her props.  There's also a link to her blog in the interview.

Sooo yeah check it out and yeah... shameless advertisement here.. check out cloudTen :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Canvas Signups are up!!

Signups are up! Click the pic!

YAY!! I finally won one :D

Nature's finest Cycle two winner right here, Baby!! lol.  I haven't won a comp since Gothique C2.  Thank you, Mojot, Sun and Dylan.  It's been a very lovely and fun comp!  Kelle and starling both gave me a run for my money!

I actually had a blast in this comp and when Cycle three gets going I do recommend it :) Hey.. I'll be judging as far as I know ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Timeless Beauties: The Future is Out There

So this might not be the most futuristic looking thing out there, but it sorta fits the picture I have in my head... sorta.  If you think about it, the future is headed toward going green and being eco-friendly.  I wanted it to have splashes of Star Wars Sci-Fi Fantasy and Greco-Roman Style (but with a futuristic twist) but with an incorporation of earthy, green elements.  I think sometimes I try too hard to be different xD  We'll see where it gets me.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

House plans

Coming to a decision today.  Hubby and I have been looking at some houses for sale, and one thing that we both have kind of realized is that we need to put a lot of work into this one.  Honestly I'm realizing I'm on here way too much anyway and I just need to start focusing on keeping up my home and my body.  We're either going to buy a new house and will need to clean this one up or we will stay here a while longer which will also involve us making an attempt to rearrange things in order not to feel so.. cramped.  (I am also sorta begining to think about starting a family.)  Why am I saying this?  Like I said I really need to cut back on my time here.  I'm not dropping anything, but I think I'm going to finish my assignments for this issue of Sensation and then resign.  I'll finish my comps, and I will still start Canvas, but other than what I'm finishing out, I'm only going to be a contestant in one comp at a time so I can focus on other things.  (My home, beading, my husband, and maybe getting fit.)  I love you guys to death, so just wanted to say don't take it personally if I'm not around *quite* as much.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simself Family

Finally started playing my simself in game.  I feel sorta bad because I was too lazy to make my husband. xD So "I" married some ugly townie.  My daughter.. well I hope she grows up looking better than she is now...  Anyway here's some picspam:

Right now I kind of have the basics in the house and I'm saving up... once they get a halfway decent amount of moolah I'll try to build something nice inpsired by something on ... that place is awesome :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hadn't really had a chance to post and now I'm at work and a day late. Yesterday made a year since 29 coal miners died about 20 minutes from where I grew up. Just wanted to say I still remember and still thank the rescuers and those who were there that miserable week including my dad and uncle.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nature's Finest Finale

Wish me luck!  Good luck also to Kelle and Starling.  Also thank you, Mojot.  I've had so much fun in this comp!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Masquerade: Impulse

Above all else your identity as a vampire needs to be kept a secret; under no circumstance are you to reveal your true nature to the mortal masses; these laws are in place for your own safety and well-being but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody follows them. What does the Masquerade mean to you? Do you believe whole-heartedly in those laws or do you like to flaunt them. Show me how your vampire upholds the Masquerade… or doesn’t 


I had a hard time with the written part of this...   And I want to thank Cel for putting up with me and my 892437 pics and for the great advice :D


I suppose my own knack for being impulsive is why we're here. I smelled the blood, had to follow the scent to that open bathroom window. Ah, what a shame, she'd drained most of her blood herself and it pooled on the wet bathroom floor. And then an amusing idea came across my mind. I pondered on the humans who love the idea of us, the idea of immortality and prolonged youth, and this beautiful girl before me has attempted to end her life. What would it be like to give immortality to someone who didn't want to live another day? And on an impulse, I fed that notion. Her pulse thin and thready, most of her blood gone, I forced her to feed on my arm.

How did my experiment go? Hah. Even for a Brujah like me, Carmen is exceptionally angry. She resents me especially, but is fond of Joshua. That first month we spent teaching Carmen about the Masquerade and the right way to acquire a meal was a complete waste of time. Joshua argued that she was just hungry, and that I just didn't remember how strong the hunger is when you are new. However he is much older than me, and although I had a hard time, I never blatantly ignored the rules. Joshua and I spend most of our time cleaning Carmen's messes and attempting to enforce that she feed in the shadows, on the poor humans that will not be missed. (Yes, they do exist.)

At current, Joshua and I are trying to figure out what to do with the rockstar. Yes. I opened the door to her bedroom to find her feeding on the guitarist from the show we had seen the night before.

"An overdose," Joshua says, as if its that easy, but it doesn't explain the huge, gaping laceration on his neck. 

edit: I loved this pose because it looks like she is about to wipe her mouth off and she's just kinda like "...what?" xD

Some extras:
These two are pprreeetttyyy much the same but one has a plain background.  I LOVED the idea but I couldn't get over how funky her arm was and had no idea how to fix it:

AAnnndd messin around with poses got me this little uuhhh perverted number:

Had a lot of fun working on this!  Thanks again 329874 times for the help, Cel!