Monday, December 12, 2011

Question about Content Warning

I would like to keep it to where I don't need a content warning on this blog, but there are some things I would like to post that WOULD need a content warning.  I would absolutely love it if I could just put content warnings on specific posts, but I am thinking of just creating a separate blog.  Would anyone follow?  I feel like it would almost make me a lil pervy tho lol.  Any thoughts/comments/opinions?  Would you follow?

Static Future Modeling C3 Assignment One

Model:  Sidrenne Jada


Jolene quickly finished her drink and pushed through the crowd surrounding the band playing at After Life. What had Kiam told her they were called? Atomic Supernova? No.. Atomic Sunshine. She started to listen, getting into the groove of the synth pop with a dark goth mood when her eyes latched onto the singer. She had snow white hair, glowing green eyes and her dark skin reflected the stage lights in a purple glow. She hadn't noticed she'd completely stopped moving. She was standing still in the crowd dancing around the stage, jaw dropped. That was saying something, since Jolene worked at a premier modeling agency. Kiam stepped up beside her.

"You've found your next model, haven't you?" Kiam yelled over the music. Honestly, Jolene was almost embarrassed to admit even to herself that's nowhere near where her mind was wondering, but Kiam had a point.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catching Up

Mostly comp updates and picspam :D  Hope you don't mind.  I'm incredibly pleased to say I've won two comps!!!

I won Mythology, and it was no easy accomplishment!  I want to show off this video that Alix made for us <3

I also won Our Song, hosted by SimPixie.  She made me this marvelous siggy:

I REALLY suggest you check out Cycle Two, BFF edition!
SP is a great and fair host... not to mention I will be judging!! 

If you kinda want to do pics here and there, but don't want the commitment of a full on competition, I just finished revamping and reopening The Musical Gallery.

It's going to be ran like the Unbound Open Competition...  an open comp with voting at the end of each round and I will make siggies for the winners :)

Okay.. now time for some picspam.  I hadn't been posting my comp entries but I've got a few I'm kinda proud of sooo here they be:

This is for the Unbound Banner comp:

This is for the Erotic comp:

This is one I liked from the Our Song finale:

(It's meant to look like a polaroid) 

Now just some random gameplay pics.  If you are a participant in Portvale, you know one of Sun's characters is Talen.  He's a sim that I had in my game and gave her to use since I've decided to chill out from Pvale for a while.  I've been playing him in my game and he has a wife and two boys, Galen and Gaius.  (Yes, named after Battlestar Gallactica characters... geektastic!)

Here is some gameplay picspammage of Galen (Gaius hasn't really grown up yet):

Galen with his GF

Galen teaching Gaius to talk

Thursday, November 17, 2011

some legacy pics

Sooo I'm in love with my Legacy right now.  I made over the townie Amelia is dating.. well now married to xD   and he's awesome.  I made a non colorful version for Sun to download and she may even be using him with my permission in Portvale.   Pretty exciting :D

Anyway I took a few shots of the lovely couple and I might start a non colorful normal people legacy with him.  She looks pretty evil in one.. like either she just snapped his neck or is having some evil thoughts...  I apologize for being too lazy to fix her hair in gimp. xD

Friday, October 28, 2011

Songs Entry and an Extra

So last night I produced two images for Simpixie's awesome Couple's comp.  I hated to have used the pose player, but this couples pose is one I'm just incredibly in love with.  I actually REALLY like how these turned out, but I'm pretty sure the judges couldn't possibly get the same feeling from them I do.  (Not that they're bad judges.. I'm just incredibly attached to my couple.)  I can just totally see the whole scene playing out in my head and... Gah I just love Michelle and Parker!

Anyway I debated and debated which picture to submit.. each had its own strengths, so I finally chose one and decided to post both here.  Hope I picked the right one!

We had to create a pic with a steamy scene and have a song that goes along with it, however the song had to be fairly old... like released before 2000.  I could have chosen a TON of songs that had the perfect feeling for the moment I wanted to portray, but the lyrics seemed to be off.  I found one that had the perfect lyrics, but the song was just.. totally poppish and not sexy at all.. so I FINALLY found a song off of the Batman Forever soundtrack.  Pretty cruddy movie.. pretty amazing soundtrack lmao.

He's seen me
So clearly
Come over
And get my number

He'd come round
He'd break down
Say baby
Don't ever leave me

He'd please me
He'd tease me
One time too
One time too many

The pic I turned in:

The extra:

Also, I've realized my absolute dream dream dream career would be finding music for movies, TV shoes, etc.  I feel like I just have a knack for searching to find the perfect song that epitomizes a song, a situation, whatever.  I do it the other way too.. I get stories, characters, etc from listening to songs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The shiver...

In case you hadn't noticed the tiny little link on the side, I've started a new blog.  For the most part, it's going to be a story based on the couple I entered in Simpixie's awesome comp here. I think however I'll also feature comp entries with nudity and the such that way I can keep the adult content warning off of this blog.  Feel free to subscribe of course if you're not too young ;)  

Anyway I did a little photoshoot of my couple after I submitted my entry... And wish I'd done it before because some of these turned out great.  I'm just going to post the not so nude ones xD  Had a lot of fun playing with poses!

Friday, October 7, 2011

There is a Song Assignment One

Incubus - Here in my Room

Garbage - Sleep Together

Michelle was failing history, and Dr. Reese had offered to tutor her. It embarrassed her at first. For one thing, Dr. Parker was hot for a history teacher, and she knew people would make jabs at her about it. However she went, and gradually her grades began improving. Eventually, the time he spent tutoring her diminished, and the time they spent talking increased.

Parker paced in his office, the memory of the previous night relaying in his head... He'd ran into her at a pub, both having a drink.. and he could barely speak to her. He was practically stuttering. He was trying to find something witty to say, trying to impress her. It wasn't right. She was his student. He had to cut the ties. And then she came in...

She was wearing a petticoat. It was cold outside, but whoever controlled the thermostat was clearly over compensating. His office was stiflingly hot.
"Michelle... take your coat?" he asked. An awkward look appeared on her face.
"Well, I'm just warning you... I'm headed to a Halloween party after this, so don't laugh."
She took off her coat and he was floored. How on God's green earth was he to control himself? She was wearing a cheap, thin nurse costume, the top not buttoned all the way. Little lacey bits of her red bra were visible. He promptly turned away, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath. He had to make this quick.


"Hrm?" she said, making her way toward the chair. He turned around, stopping her from taking a seat.

"You know you don't really need these sessions anymore, right? Your grades are fine."

She stepped toward him, reaching her arm around his waist, and leaned in toward him and whispered,
"I'm fully aware of that, Dr. Reese."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Musical Gallery: Song 2: Stupid Grin by Dragonette

You're gonna get it this time
You'll regret it this time
I'm gonna strike at the right time later
Now I've got the muscle
I've got time to tussle
I've got the time to teach a lesson,
You've been messin'

I've got something for you
Something special for you
No huggin' and kisses
This is business now

I'm all better just thinking about
When you come home I'm gonna lock you out
And you show up with that stupid grin
And I just let your love in

There won't be any warning
First thing in the morning
I'm gonna tell you see you later alligator
Instead of all my loving, you won't be getting nothing
That's tough, wake up and smell the muffin

You're looking out at a future that might never exist
I'm thinking of all the ways of getting over it
Well maybe I should be swimming from the sinking ship
‘Cause I've been screaming and shouting
And so down about it till now

I'm all better just thinking about
When you wake up, I'm gonna punch you out
And you roll over with that stupid grin
And I just let your love in

I can't get away because I did it again
I'm not sticking with it ‘cause of thick and thin
But all because of that stupid grin
I just let your love in

No I can't say no, no no no no
No no she can't say no no no no no
I just let your love in
No no she can't say no no no no no
I just let your love in
No no she can't say no no no no no

And I'm just
Looking out at a future that might never exist
I'm thinking of all the ways of getting over it
Well maybe I should be swimming from a sinking ship
‘Cause I've been screaming and shouting
And so down about it till now

I'm all better just thinking about
When you come home I'm gonna kick you out
And you show up with that stupid grin
And I just let your love in

I can't get away because I did it again
I'm not sticking with it cause of thick and thin
But all because of that stupid grin
I just let your love in

No I can't say no, no no no no
I just let your love in
No, no, I can't say no, uh oh uh oh
I just let your love in
No, no I can't say no, uh oh uh oh
I just let your love in
No I can't say no, uh oh uh oh
I Just let your love in

JKA's pic:

First Entry for Musical Gallery!

Hopefully some of you remember the little "noncomp" I'm doing called Musical Gallery.  Bliss is my first contestant, and has this lovely pic inspired by "Aqueous Transmission" by Incubus:

Check out the thread here!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I've been busy... avoiding what I'm supposed to be doing ;)

I've done a lot of pics today soo figured I'd show them off.

First is my Static entry:

Long story short the aliens have been abducted by the humans.

Next, I did my pic for mythology.  I really love it, because it seems kind of out of the norm for the comp:

That in turn inspired me to make a new avi:

And an entry for the Unbound banner comp:

Sooo yeah when the time comes... vote for me please xD j/k vote for who you want ;)

All this today when I should have been cleaning house ;)  What a productive day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Musical Gallery: Song 1: Aqueous Transmission by Incubus

I'm floating down a river
Oars freed from their holds long ago
Lying face up on the floor of my vessel
I marvel at the stars
And feel my heart overflow
Further down the river
Further down the river
Further down the river
Further down the river
Two weeks without my lover
I'm in this boat alone
Floating down a river named emotion
Will I make it back to shore
Or drift into the unknown

Further down the river
Further down the river
Further down the river
Further down the river

I'm building an antenna
Transmissions will be sent when I am through
Maybe we could meet again further down the river
And share what we both discovered...
Then revel in the view

Further down the river
Further down the river
Further down the river
Further down the river

I'm floating down a river
I'm floating down a river
I'm floating down a river
I'm floating down a river

JKA's Pic:

A Little Challenge

Soooo I have decided to slowly back out of the modeling world, and as I might have mentioned to some of you, and might have even mentioned on the blog here... whenever I get the itch to do a picture, I'm going to create a picture based on a song that inspires me.  One reason I have this idea is because there are sooo many songs that just put such beautiful imagery in my mind when I hear them and they do inspire me.  I have already done one because though I'm sorta short on time I've just been itching to do it!  (Besides, Cel asked me to xD)  I'll post it on the next blog entry, because though it didn't turn out nearly as cool as I wanted it to turn out, I love the song and just want the blog posts with these songs to be their own entries.  I'll post the shot, a video, and the lyrics (if there are lyrics).  (Maybe not in that order Idk.)

The thing is, I would love to kind of challenge you guys if you want to take the same songs once in a while and try your own spin.  I REALLY would like to see your own take on them.  I don't want to score them... Sometimes I get tired of taking something that is beautiful and picking it apart.  I just want to enjoy your sim art.  However understandably, people usually would like some motivation to do a picture... some kind of reward for their hard work.  I thought about offering store items in return for pics, but I know a lot of you um... don't necessarily need gifts from the store to obtain things if you get my drift.  Soooo if anyone has any ideas of how I could motivate people to join in on this fun then please let me know!

By the way at least one thing I will do is feature your pics on my blog... so at least there is that ;)  Also even at least as a spectator you might be introduced to some pretty nifty music. :D

Soooo thanks to Bliss this is going to be advertised in her Newspaper and I'll also be starting a thread on Unbound, so if you want to participate I have several ways of submitting:

  • Commenting on this blog
  • PM at Unbound or Symlish
  • Email ( )
  • Posting on the Unbound thread

Demons Finale


A yuppie... just another yuppie who valued money over the real things in life. She never had children... because they were too expensive. She never married... didn't want to share her daddy's wealth, but for Lisa there was a faint unhappiness that she locked away in a box. This all too common feeling of "something missing" was usually kept at bay until Shyam found Lisa. After time, Shyam had discovered her ability to influence the emotions of those near her, and Lisa was (in a way) her first kill. Sure, Lisa's final thrust off the balcony of her daddy's vacation home was on her own, but the emotional push.. the seduction into suicide... was Shyam's doing.


Lisa was Shyam's last kill. The immediate reaction was a triumphant hysterical laugh. But as the night progressed, Shyam began to feel no different than the murderer behind the angry souls inside of her. She wondered around the dark lonely night, when she heard a man yelling, 
"Hey! You!"
She looked around and saw the man, no one else. He was also looking straight at her.

"Can you see me?" she asked. She didn't want to get her hopes up, but the idea of someone she could talk to made her heart flutter.

"Yes. Who are you? Eerr... what are you?"

That was her first introduction to a one Adrian Mills, the only human she knew who could see her. She grew really close to him, and before long she even confided about her murders, and how she felt afterward.

"You're a slave to the angry souls within you." he said.
"But Adrian... I am nothing without them. They are the reason I was created," she replied.

"True, Shyam, but they don't have to be the reason you still exist."

Shyam decided at this moment that he was right. However this revolt against the angry souls would not be easy. Usually a revolution was many against one, and it was still difficult. Shyam's revolution was one against many. An anguished expression appeared on her face as she fought her inner "demons" and they slowly gave in, leaving her pained existance.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

MIA, stomach bug, and an elimination

oooo I've kind of been around, but not really.  Seems my time online has been limited.  Husband has been having company over a lot and then my Grandmother fell ill, not to mention I've been picking up overtime shifts (which really I don't usually do). NOW I finally have some time off work.. and maybe its a blessing in disguise but I've got a stomach bug.

Anyway I really need to get on my feet with life anyway.  I'm backing out of comps anyway... I need to work on my body.  I'm climbing up in weight.  Need to get my house in order, I'm trying to find a new job that doesn't have my body's clock completely out of whack.  I still really wanna host canvas C2, but it's going to take a while to get my bearings straight.  Want to be prepared so once I do start it it'll be smooth sailing.

I'd post comp pics, but I haven't really done any I've been proud of lately.  I liked my pic for inspiration except for the posing.  I worked hours and hours trying to find something... I just ended up giving up when my main model had something decent.  It ended up being my first ever elimination.  I've always either made it to the finale, the comp was cancelled, or like.. once or twice I dropped.  I guess I could post that then, since it's kinda special in an odd way lol:

But it was a deserved elimination.  I was up against some hard core talent and I can't wait to see what the rest have in store for us <3

Anyway going to attempt to work on SNTM, but if I feel any sicker I'm going to throw in the towel, take some phenergan and forget the next 9 hours because that stuff knocks me out cold lol.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Canvas Cycle Two

I'd linked here for those wanting to "try out" to be a judge in the second cycle of Canvas.  My email is

I'm also available for PM at Symlish, Unbound, and Simagination.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another hair attempt

Okay i know there are some definite flaws but this is the first time i've done hair that im somewhat happy with....

just wanted to show it xD

Edit: Added another ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Some comps you should check out

There are two comps with wonderful ideas focused on giving a helping hand to the modeling community and I just really want to share them and get the word out there.  One is here on unbound:

It's hosted by the lovely Twilight and kind of focuses on having an experienced simmer "tutor" :D

Here is another one just started by Simpixie that has the idea of actually getting to use your feedback on the same pic.
Ever wanted to be able to have a second chance on a comp entry?  Here ya go!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Anniversary Present (Intuos 4!!)

My awesome husband decided to get me an Intuos 4 for our anniversary.  I told him just get me a cheap one, but he was set on getting a good tablet.  :D  Anyway I will show you my first hair with the tablet which still isn't amazing, but I think it's an improvement.

I did some skin smoothing and added eyelashes as well.  I know the edges of the hair are kinda rough but I was just playin around :D

Here is the tablet:

Demons Assignment Two


Shyam's chaotic mind holds all of the memories of those lost, therefore she has experienced the life of everyone that died for her creation. Even the worst of those lives were beautiful and not yet ready to end, ripped away from the poor souls that are bound to her.


What else could she see when she looked in the mirror?  She owed her creation to the senseless death of others, and in her path for revenge death to those responsible was her only goal.  To Shyam, she and death were one.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Static: Founder's Festival

The Founder's Festival is celebrated every other year.  It's a huge, extravagant series of parties, events, and galas celebrating those who began a technological revolution, allowing inhabitants to continue life on the planet.  It's only every other year due to the immense costs, however, when the Founder's Festival is going on, everything else pretty much comes to a halt.  The decorative theme resembles a steampunk era, paying tribute to the days when technology began to flourish.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Canvas Finale

It's going to be good.  Check it out!

Friday, July 29, 2011


I had some friend requests on Blogger.  If I haven't accepted yet please resend because I might have accidentally clicked ignore.  That's all for now ;)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Eternity's Wait

...For Inspiration

Static Assignment Three

In terms of relations with other planetary governments, the Voltecs had an uncanny ability to maintain peace. They had to. They had a major weakness, being their need to protect themselves from their own atmosphere. However, vast underground cities were built and waiting for the time when disaster did strike.

Chiana fled from the violent turbulent sky as soon as she saw the breaks in Biodome Number 424. She didn't look back at the beautiful but turbulent sky filled with explosions.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach plans for next year (real life stuff)

Was on the phone with mom this morning and we decided that next year we are going to the beach together. Just us. She has never been. We also want to fly there together because she has also never flown. So incredibly excited!! Wanted to make a post with a list of things I can't wait for mom to experience at the beach. They may sound boring, but to me it's just simple pleasures at a world away from home/work.

1. Sleeping with the sliding glass door to the balcony at least partially open so you can hear the waves.

2. Chilling on the balcony at night (perhaps with a drink) just staring at the ocean.

3. Eating breakfast at some weird but cute themed cafe. (example the Lost Dog cafe at folly beach)

4. Not eating at a single huge chain restaurant.

5. Looking for interesting sea shells after the tide.

6. Eating or drinking at the hotel restaurant and complaining about how overpriced the food was.

7. Having frizzy beach hair and not caring.

Anything I should add to the list for my mom's first visit to the ocean?

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seafoam (Yes another necklace)

Been working on this one here and there.  I've lost my momentum but oh well :D

I'll update when I list on etsy.

Static Future Modeling

Okay so Early was awesome enough to say I could join Static if I did the assignments.  I wanted to make sure the contestants were okay with it, but I went ahead and made my model and did the two assignments.  If people don't want me in, then they'll just be "piggyback" assignments.  Anyway here's the model, bio and Assignments One and Two:

Model Name: Chiana 1024
Model Bio: Chiana is the daughter of a wealthy lord in the city of Volta. Her father's empire isn't exactly the cleanest, and Chiana 1024 has her place in matters as one of the top assassins. Though her father would rather see her behind a desk, he's proud of her accomplishments and her dedication to the family.
Model Headshot (On White Background): 

Ugh looking at it now I guess I could have gotten the background whiter.  Sorry Early =/

Anyway... Assignment One:

The sky, a vivid magenta at night, the ground covered in an almost glass-like grainy material, not far away from sand, Chiana's world was beautiful, but untouchable. Their lives were spent in safe haven buildings that protected them from the gaseous environment that had been livable thousands of years ago.

Chiana rests on her bed, clearing her mind before the day's tasks. Solemn, undisturbed. Beautiful, but untouchable.

Assignment Two:

The Voltecs are generally people of technology, however when faced with crisis or war, a trend of mysticism spreads rapidly. Some critics of their culture claim it is a pointless plea for their planet to take them back in, making it safe for them once again to step outside of the corridors and buildings they are combined to. However some consider it in the light that some of us consider yoga: something to ease the spirit and mind. This is Chiana's view, and she frequents the Temple of Dasai even when it's not "in season" to clear her conscious.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspiration Day

****If you happen to be judging Inspiration, don't read if you don't want a descrpition before scoring! xD  Read AFTER you score though ;) lol ****

Okay so I made a pic for inspiration I decided not to use... even though I spent some time on it... it just looks easier than it was and Idk..  There was something I wasn't loving with it, but I still wanna show it off, so here it is:

Here is the one I actually submitted:

If you've seen the assignment, you'll agree that at first it really seems like it has nothing to do with the assignment.  However my train of thought is just the kind of rebirth, rising from the ashes idea at the end of the clip.  Hoping its obscure enough not to be everyones idea but obvious enough for the judges to get ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simagination (And the Mythology Competition)

I decided to join Mythology (Evie's new comp) and therefore the Simagination forums.  I think I really like it over there.  I'm not like.. big into fashion.. I like the more artistic side of sim comps, and this site seems to embrace that...  
For example I like pics with more of a focus on deep, gorgeous imagery rather than fashion.
Sooo anyway just kinda sayin you guys should join and check it out:

I did join Sims Next Top Model because I don't do a lot of fashion, I think it will stretch my boundaries a little bit :)

Anyway here is my first pic for Mythology:

Assignment: Courage