Friday, May 27, 2011

Jewerly Pics

Yay! I've made some more jewelry.  I tried to use a new.. uuhh medium if you will.  Idk how it turned out.  I've always wanted to make one of those necklaces that have the beads sorta "floating" with the knots holding them in place... however placing the knot proves harder than you'd think.  also I sorta messed up.  I didn't want it to be really.. symmetrical.. but now because I alternated bead types it sorta looks like I tried to be symmetrical and wasn't.  I also made some kind of cute drop earrings but my camera didn't like them at all.  It never takes good pics of the earrings.
The one rainbow necklace may look familiar but its because it was a requested variation of the first one I made.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

House MD: Shark Jumpin. :( *SPOILER ALERT*

I've been a pretty faithful House fan and have loved the plot twists and turns.  Although the format got a *tad* scooby-dooish.. house almost kills patient, house is having some conversation with someone where they are over analyzing each other and some random thing makes the diagnosis pop in his head and viola!  I still enjoyed it.

However I SERIOUSLY think that it's finally jumped the shark.  So sad seeing as how I think next season is going to be the last, it would have been a great run.

Where it really started me was House stealing the experimental treatment and shooting up with it.  That already just sounds.. silly.  Then fucking trying to cut out your own tumors? I understand he's crazy but it's just too much.  Very cute.. very cute... "Bathroom surgery to an extreme" did not amuse me at all.  I was hoping for redemption but driving into Cuddy's house did not amuse me either.  Meh.   More time for Adventure Time :D :D

Totally Real Assignment Four

Kyden had been furious when he found the poisonous mushrooms, but what could he do now? He and Aislin began to trek their way back to shelter, cleaning up and finding a change of clothes. Aislin began the task of finding some food when they were both confronted by a figure in all black. 

"You! There! I know where you've been! You're coming with me!" the figure shouted.
"Aisin! Run!" Kyden shouted, but before he could go anywhere he was surrounded by a blue fog, and he fell to the ground. 

He woke up some hours later on a tiny sandy island, luckily near the shore in a strange place. Birds soared above their heads. Aislin lay unconscious next to him. Groggy, he waited on her to wake up, hoping she knew where they were.

"No," she had said once she finally woke up, and Kyden's vision was clearing, "If you look at the sky, I don't think we're even on the same planet. Have we been deported? Have the Calethians gone back to deporting criminals?"

"No.... They never did that while Dresden..." he became silent, and there was a period of awkwardness.

"So what do we do?" Aislin asked.
"I imagine we'll be here for a while, so we need to figure out what is edible. While we're at it I guess we can search for signs of civilization, or footprints, etc. We're close to water, so maybe we can stick to the waters' edge."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hitched Cycle Four

I'm lying in bed and should be sleeping but I can't. Was wondering about Hitched. Feels weird not starting up another cycle. Not sure if I will start one but if I do what theme would you guys like? A few ideas that popped into my head were either like a Hollywood theme with famous peeps or a vampire theme. I could do just normal but I'm kinda tapped out on assignment ideas. What do you guys think? Think anyone would join?

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Three Comp Entries

I'm not going to post the stories.. simply because I'm lazy and only one has a story to go with it.  The first is Vampire: The Masquerade.  The second is Timeless Beauties: Calendar Girls, and the last is a comp I just joined called Inspiration.  I think it's like.. exactly what I've been looking for in a comp!  It's hosted by StevieFisher, who has like uber talent in CC making and pics, sooo I imagine I'll get good feedback as well.  Aaannyyway here are the pics:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hitched! Winner Announced!!!

Here is the post:  First page, second post

Not posting pics till later, when people have had time to look and I've slept, worked ONE More shift, then slept again xD

Im really tired xD

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Faerie Folk Cycle Four Assignment Two

I kind of laughed like a maniac making this pic...  So I hope it's not just.. awful xD.  The assignment is colorsplash.  Sooo yeah I made an astrological steampunk rainbow colorsplash pic xD

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Screw WMG with a knife.

I shouldn't be upset about this, but if these dumbass music companies know what is good for them, they will stop blocking shit from youtube.  There is an amazing Machinima a person called MiriusDark made for the Panic! at the Disco song, "Ballad of Mona Lisa".  I've never really like.. bothered to check out P!ATD before now, but that video made me want the album, and yes my happy ass fired up itunes and PAID for the deluxe edition.  This morning I wanted to show my friend the machinima, and I get this lovely message:

This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

Are you fuckin kidding me? That was free advertisement!  It was the whole reason I got the notion to check out PATD or else I would have never bothered.  (I rarely listen to the radio and things like this are how I find music I like.)
I KNOW I am not the only one.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I know I'm married but...

Just... beautiful... really xD.  Just had to share xD

Masquerade: Assignment Five

Sleep for Carmen was never the same after the change as it was before. She had rarely remembered her dreams, but they were now unforgettable. They took on a surreal quality and her heightened senses were present in her dreams as much as they were "real life". The places in her dreams were familiar with a stange twist.
The subject of her dreams were almost always her sire, Jamie, and were sexual in nature.

The dreams were awkward at first, with Carmen becoming tense and uneasy with every touch from Jamie (a behavior which spilled into her real world). Jamie maintained a confident, sensual air to her, and always seemed to have a knowing expression, as if to say, "Sooner or later..." And she was right, for the dreams soon became enjoyable, and something Carmen looked forward too. The awkardness that occurred in Carmen's interactions with Jamie gradually turned into timid flirting.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Totally Real Assignment Two

I killed her. I never lied about it. It was actually a common practice, but you never ended the life of an aristocrat. Their lives were considered too sacred and important, no matter how much they suffered. Dresden, my wife, suffered from Sheol Fever. It's a horrible illness spreading rampantly through Calethia. My wife suffered through uncontrollable and random muscle rigidity and contractions, hallucinations, and generalized pain. The commoners had the luxury this time, with mercy killings after diagnosis. My wife... I managed to let her suffer for two agonizing weeks then I could take no more. And thus I was sent away from court as punishment.

I sent Xia to live with her aunt while I traveled looking for work where I would be accepted. While on the road between the village of Aren to the town of Gilmaya I stopped to rest. It was a watering hole and shelter from the common energy storms we had. A woman covered in tattoos, someone your culture would consider a gypsy or hippie, came and sat near to me and began making small conversation. Her name was Aislin, and she told me my soul was weary and tired, and asked me why. I am not one to talk to strangers usually, especially ones covered in the forbidden ink, but maybe I was delirious and tired, for I told her my story. Her response shocked me:

"She was exposed intentionally."

"What could you mean?" I asked her.
"Someone... a political adversary... an enemy... someone exposed her to the disease. As rampant as this disease is running, it's very difficult to catch."

"How do you know this!?!?" I asked, shocked.
"It's how my sister died. She was to wed the Duke of Gilmaya. His family did not approve. She began having the fits within a week of the announcement. I can give you more proof, but you will have to trust me and follow me. I have a plan to expose this madness, but I need help."

I sat on my rock thinking, considering just who would want Dresden dead, and a face immediately appeared in my mind. The energy surges (something similar to what you call lightning) stormed around me, my mind frantically considering the possibilities.

"Aislin, I don't know why.. but I believe you. I'll go." 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Etsy is OPEN!

Yes, yes, shameless advertisement here.  I've finally opened up my Etsy.  I've only listed four necklaces for now.  Here is the link:

They are reasonably priced because I don't use super expensive materials.  I also have tons and tons of beads so I'm just hoping to make a *tiny* bit back of what I've spent ;)

Even if you don't buy, just check it out and tell me what ya think or if you think my pricing is okay ^-^;;

Calendar Girls: Marie Antionette