Friday, May 28, 2010

Anyone else...?

Anyone else having trouble with the EA forums?  Well really not just the forum.  I can't even load up the main page.  Just wondering.  :(  I kind of need to redownload my sims and check in on some comps. :(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New title!

Yay!  It's an entry for a competition that I liked.. hehe so I slapped some text and there you go. :)

BTW I swear I'm trying to work on unattended.  this chapter is kind of long and the house is a wreck :o

Edit: Chapter five is finally up. You may also notice the soundtrack on the right. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New uploads!

I made a two new sims for the exchange.  I had downloaded some new eyeliner and wanted to try it out.  I ended up getting carried away and now I have a new avatar.  Anyway I'll post some in game shots and then the links. :)

I made them as brother and sister in my game, and I'll be moving them to separate homes soon.  And may I just say I love the upload image changer.  :D  
Alright.. let me know what you guys think.  I attempt to make sims that are pretty to look at but have at least somewhat interesting or unique facial features.  Not quite sure I really accomplish that. I think at least Tahlia is pretty generic looking, but I still like her.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moar Jewelry!

My camera is not broken!  Yaaarrrrrrrr!
So time to torture you with more pictures of jewelry, although these aren't my best in all honesty.

These are some of my earlier earrings I experimented with.  Sadly the beads are too fat, so they don't dangle right.

I am making this one for a friend.  At the moment, I'm not crazy about it, but I am hoping it will look better once I add this chain and a really cute black rose charm.  

I guess I thought I had more.  Oh well.  I'll post more pictures as I make them, now that I have a camera.  Also, hopfully I'll actually be able to list items on my etsy. Yay!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cutest thing... EVER

And believe it or not, I'm not talking about my dog.

Behold... the Fennec fox

I would give credit to whoever these pictures belong to, but I can tell where they are linked from is not the person who took the pictures =/

Seriously, though, I'm going to explode from teh cuteness.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something for you hitched peeps!

Just something I threw together on PhotoScape...

And for you cookie lovers:

There is the one I actually got to eat :D

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ugh I can't seem to get comfortable enough to sleep and I have to work at 7.  I'm going to make this really quick.  I am thinking about doing my first ever legacy.  I started it in game and took shots.  I even made a little title thing.

I don't want it to take away from my comps and Unattended though.  Maybe I'll just keep all the shots and write it after Unattended is finished.  I am *mostly* following the real rules, but I'm not going to keep score.  When it comes to picking an heir, I'm not going to strictly choose females.  It's going to be whoever has her skintone.  Was thinking, however, about planting multitudes of colorful sims in the neighborhood in hopes that their skintones would pass on to future gens I can marry into my family.  We shall see.

Anyway, her name is Stellar Mint and she is finally married and I saved just after she got preggo.  She got the fertility treatment reward, so I'm really hoping for twins.  She is also FINALLY under a roof :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It may not show up as an update because I backdate each chapter, so they will be in order. :)
I'm thinking of making a playlist of songs (that doesn't automatically play) because each chapter is named after a song that is kinda relevant or fitting for the chapter. :)

Verde es muy bonita! and my favorite machinima ever...

I am really not sure if I said that right.  Anyway, my sim I use for my avatar (Verde) has 853 downloads and 21 recs.  I'm amazed, because I remember a time not too long ago when I was excited about one of my sims having 93 downloads.  :o

I'm very flattered.  I had my cookie yesterday, btw.  I even took a picture of it but I am too lazy to post it just yet.  Might edit it in later.  AAnndd I'm working on Unattended, and also some more jewelry.  I bought some beautiful charms yesterday and some semi precious jasper beads.  I have so many ideas and so little time.  A lot to do around the house.  =/

Edit:  I almost forgot.  I wanted to show my favorite machinima ever.  Sorry, not Sims 3.  

Monday, May 3, 2010

Please don't gooooooo... don't goooo away

Lol.  I really should go to bed. 12 hours after 2 of sleep is.. dreadful.  My whole body hurts.  But enough whining.. time for.. well, sorry.  More whining.

I just had three people (probably) drop out of my competition.  This is my first time judging a comp, and I thought I had been doing okay (especially for not ever being in a competition that wasn't abandoned).  Not amazing, but okay.  Situations arise and not sure how to react and try to be fair to everyone.  I really hope that not everyone drops.  I love seeing everyone's entries and ideas, and while I didn't want the competition to be stuck at round 3 forever, I don't want it to be down to only a tiny amount of contestants due to drop outs.  But I guess if they aren't having fun then I will not attach a ball and chain lol.

On a side note:  I've been doing well with losing weight and really haven't even been craving horrible foods, etc, but here lately I've been DYING for a big slice of cookie from the cookie company.  During these three days off I'm really going to have to get one.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Screenshot fun

Just browsing through my folder of screenshots while winding down from a hard day's night at work (or is it hard night's day for me?!?).  Anyway some of them made me giggle or smile, so I thought I'd post here in case anyone else might be entertained by them.

I was taking screenshots for Simiverse, trying to get in a few extras and um.. Girl on the left just looked.. weird hehe.
 Okay I just think he's pretty... hehe

Pregnant sims weird me out sometimes.  Just sayin'.

Wanna know how she got those scars?  Hehe.  I think my hubby had nightmares after I showed this to him.

Grandma wanders sometimes.

Just... wrong.

Was going for early 90's goth here..... not sure how that went.

Hope someone got some enjoyment :)