Friday, April 30, 2010

Unimportant but...

I'm really happy because my camera magically started working again...

Aaannndd then I'm sad because I'm sick and missed work last night.. and I couldn't sleep last night and I can't sleep today.

Anyway just happy because my jewelry pictures will be much better now.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Jewelry

I really hate that my good digital camera is broken.  the iPhone isn't bad for a phone, but still.  Anyway, here are my latest masterpieces:

The blue/purple necklace and bracelet are for friends. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time for some CAS fun

I just downloaded the UI mod and the euphoria skin tones.  Going to play in CAS some.  Will edit some pics on shortly.

Edit: Here they be:

And I decided to play my oldest family.  Not excatly a legacy, but the closest I have to one.  I took some pics of this as well.

This is Chiana Seanz as a teen, prior to aging to adult.  She's generation three, which is pretty amazing for me.

After aging the first time.  The game crashed after I made her over :(

Post makeover.  I don't always go all the way goth with a sim.  I thought she was the one for it. 

Left to right, Ernesto, Kareem, Agatha, Chiana, and Olivia.  Agatha is Olivia's daughter, and she is married to Kareem.  Chiana and Ernesto of course are the grandkids of Olivia.  If this was a legacy, I guess you'd call Olivia the founder.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on Unattended

I've posted chapter three of unattended.  The link should be over on the right.  I would love to have more following this story.  I'm kind of proud of it so I want to share.  Positive and negative feedback welcome.

Competition Fever!!

I've been hosting Hitched, the married couple competition, and I've been in a few competitions, but they were all either cancelled or abandoned.  I'm really happy now because I've joined cycle 2 of Lady Em's Miss Simiverse Pageant.  This is one I know will finish, so I feel like I can put more work into it.  I put a little work even into my entry pictures. 

Anyway here's my entry:

Mr. And Miss DeLorean (yes, I know, that is a car...I was sad because the hubby doesn't understand why I desperately want one)

Leah and Vincent Evans.  Not going to post the head shots.  Didn't do anything interesting with them.  I'm pretty proud of these, though.  I really can't wait for the competition to get started. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Looking at colors to paint the kitchen.  Right now it has ugly wallpaper, but its got a chair rail and baseboard.  Anyway I took some pics on sims 3 of something similar to our kitchen in terms of the floor, cabinets, and appliance color.  (the layout is different)

Just played around with a few ideas.  If anyone is reading, please comment on which you like.  I think I like the green or brown and green.

Okay.  That's all for today.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm really excited because I now have a "craft room" (which will be a nursery if I ever get preggo... but I'm hoping that won't be for oh.. 10 years?).  It's still got a few little junk things that need put away, I'm going to hang some art, and my friend is making curtains, but it's functional.  Once things die down with my competition, etc, I'm totally going to get back to jewelry making.  I can't wait because I can't even remember what all beads I have, so everything will feel all new again.  I'm not amazingly talented or anything.  There are some very talented people on etsy.  Anyway here is some of my work:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tragedy again.

Sorry to be Debbie Downer today...

I'm really upset about the tragic mine explosion. This happened at a mine very close to my high school, so I realize that some of the miners could be people I know. I'm not sure, but my Dad and uncle have jobs in the mine rescue field, so they could be there helping out.
I don't know what caused the explosion, but I do know if you go back and look at the major mine tragedies that we've heard about in the past 10 years or so, there is the name of a company that you see all too much: Massey. I have family members that worked for other mines (union mines) and you don't see UMWA mines in these major accidents. I am not saying tragedy never happens, but it seems so much more frequent with Massey mines. I don't mean to get political with this tragedy but when is enough going to be enough? When is there going to be more than a slap on the wrist and a fine they probably have in their budget already to pay?

I know coal has put food on my plate for many years (not Massey coal though =P).I know reasons like that are why many people here (well in my home state) put up with a company like Massey, but I do wish people would realize that after they are done raping our land and letting our fathers, husbands and brothers die in accidents like this they are GONE. When the coal is gone, so are they and all their jobs and money.

Edit:  Just thought I should add that my dad is a mine rescue trainer and has been there all week.  What little bit of sleep he has had has been in his truck.  My uncle has also been there, going into the mine to recover bodies.  I've been worried sick about both of them, and not to mention appreciating the dedication of the many others there going through the same thing.

Am I weak?

I've seen some pretty horrible things (anything from bone-deep bedsores to intestines) in the last two-three years as a nurse/nursing student and I wasn't bothered as far as getting queasy or sick to my stomach. Upset that this had happened to someone or that someone had let it happen to another being yes.

I also like watching scary movies. I guess I mean scary, though, and not horror. It's not the blood and guts that bother me. I was trying to figure out what it was that made this distinction. The reason I have only watched the first Saw movie and why I will never watch another. The distinction is the torture. I can stomach quick deaths, even with guts spilling out and copious amounts of blood. However, one thing I learned quick in the nursing profession is that there are things worse than death. THAT is what bothers me.

That being said I almost flipped completely out on my husband last night. He probably honestly thought I was psychotic. He decided to show me the trailer for an independent movie, saying he couldn't believe someone was crazy enough to have this idea. If you really want to know the movie, I'll tell you but I'd rather not mention it right now. Understandably, he probably didn't realize how sensitive I am to thing but I do remember one previous incident that should have given him some kind of clue. I kind of flipped out when someone was telling specific details about a movie where these people post videos on youtube of them torturing this guy for.. ransom? and instead of helping, people just comment with more ways to torture him... and they just wouldn't stop telling about it!! I don't know if it was that bad, or if I've just become more sensitive over time, but if I was able to somewhat stomach the first Saw movie and just the trailer alone for this movie disturbed me this much, then maybe it says something.

Am I weak? Was I wrong to flip out on him? I really would like to know your thoughts/opinions. At least he knows now...