Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am the mastermind

Yanno... I was just hangin out in chat with my buds one day and I thought... "yanno, there isn't enough drama in the world, and I think it would just be totally awesome if I split up as many friendships as possible!!"  So, knowing Em and her blogging tendencies... I thought I'd send a little gossip her way.  It was all part of my evil plan to conquer the moon and take over the world.  Yes, everything is all about you, Em.


Occam's Razor:  No conspiracy, no grand schemes.  I came to Em for information.  We had a mutual bitchfest.  Emotions got frayed, and things went to hell.  Two girls got in a chat one day, and talked about another... and one went and blabbed about it.  The shit happens all the time.

I don't know why VidKid, Em, and the Mare's have to concoct conspiracies to make their lives seem important when honestly who really cares?


  1. i love you. thats all i wanna say. oh and fuck them all :)

  2. I can only think of one thing to say: you kick ass JK and i second kelle's "fuck them all" :)

  3. regardless of what lady em or vidkid or tmn is saying or has said, everyone seems to have completely glazed over the fact that this whole 'conspiracy' for lack of a better word, has completely destroyed yazzie. its like she got hit by a train and everyone is worrying about if the conductor is ok, while shes squashed on the tracks.

  4. I'm hoping this will be my final word on the matter. I imagine it would take me proving that some of the things Yaz said are lies for me not to look like a total ass, but I'm not going to spend the time or energy to do that. Quite frankly I don't care anymore. I can tell you this, and you can believe me, or you can believe her. I will hold nothing against anyone for their choice. Many of the things she has said to us (or that 'Chris' said) just don't make sense to me. I also never said that she didn't have a pacemaker. I believe that part of what she says is true, but exaggerated. (For example, I believe she has a pacemaker but never have I seen a patient need open heart to replace a pacemaker or pacemaker batteries)

    This... uh shadiness for a lack of a better word along with reported harassment and offensiveness by Chris by several members was making some of the chat members uncomfortable, and when I found out more specifics I was furious and enraged. I will admit, things could have been handled better, but either way I was not going to let it continue to happen.

  5. Or maybe you could mind your own business. Ever thought of that? You are what I'd like to say a shit starter! You know you damn well owe her an apology! You could at least pretend to feel shame. I thought the people who raised you would have taught you better.
    As for me not signing in, I don't feel the need to for assholes like you. All you'll do is try to defend your shameless actions, with empty words. I've seen people like you before in action. All you care about is yourself and not people you hurt in the process of your lies. But I guess that’s why you’re an asshole huh?

    Btw, things would have been handeled better if you talked to yazzie about, not accuse her of shit to her friends like some highschool wench. Oh better yet you could have shut the fuck up!

    Sincerely yours

    - Meg

  6. I have spoken with Yazzie in private... I have an email with a very limited email response if that would please you, or texts from Chris while Yazzie was in the hospital. This is not my quest to bring her down. Everyone seems to forget the fact that I did not ASK Em to post these things... I gave her permission after finding out even more members of my chat had been harassed.

  7. meg-
    You are bitching on the wrong blog. JK biggest mistake was going to Em in the first place, I am sure she regrets that decision very much. What Em and JK talked about had no business being posted on a blog. But Em likes a good drama story and I see it like Em took the opportunity. It didn't take Em long to get it up either guess she didn't put much thought into hurting someone.
    In the e-mail JK is referring to, I have seen it as it was forwarded to me. Yaz totally ingnored the questions JK asked her about contradictions in her health. Maybe I am crazy, but if someone was wrongly accusing me of something , I would say something.

    I am sure JK can post these things...but then wouldn't that be adding wood to the fire? Is that what you want, more drama?

    Mind your own business? The things she had questions about had everything to do with Cloudten! Maybe you should mind your own business! The only thing I think JK should be apologizing for is telling Em, this was her mistake.