Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Pose!

Download here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have the thumbnails yet for the list yet.  You have to type in the code:


It's not amazing and I didn't work very long on it.. was just testing out.. face looks a lil wonky but who knows.  Once I figure out how to get thumbnails and such then it will be on like donkey kong.  I enjoy it, so maybe I'll even make a new blog for pose downloads!!  Any name suggestions?  was thinking AmarylliSim.

P.S. My model totally reminds me of Elaine from Seinfeld in this pic lol


  1. Well done and keep at it. At least you know the basics of what you are doing when it comes to poses. So keep at it and so long as you are having fun. I started trying my hand at tshirts and i love it. JkMaryllis does Poses or JKmaryllis little Pose's corner. I am sure you will think of a much better name if you decide to do a separate blog ^_^

  2. nice job! pretty good for a first try. cant wait to see some more

  3. Thanks! Haha I like the JKAmaryllis Does Poses xD Maybe I'll get a few ideas and do a vote