Friday, February 3, 2012

Delectable, Pink, Erotic and The Perfect Shot

Just wanna show some stuff from a few new comps... first I wanna spam Vana's new and awesome comp called Delectable.  I'm kind of in love with the little model wall thingy she made for Shirley.

Shirley is my fave model and I just kind of love this <3
Anyway the competition is HERE.

Next... Holy purple bananas I made it into Pink!!!

I got a little excited and did my entry already... I promised myself I'd wait until a few people turned theirs in... but I couldn't lol.  I had my idea.. and I actually did some editing like.. skin smoothing and shadowing.  I'm REALLY proud of myself.  It's kind of weird to look at to me because it doesn't look like MY work.  Promise it is lol.

You can follow Pink Here.

Next is Melly's comp, The Perfect Shot found Here.  I don't have an entry yet, but here is my new model, Eden Lewis:

And lastly, another Holy purple banana!  I won Erotic!

Wasn't expecting that!
I'm working on a new pose set but for some reason I can't get my game open to test them D: D:  Guess that's all for today <3  Let's hope I've not gotten myself in over my head


  1. Nice work. Congrats.

  2. I LOVE your PINK comp shot!!! It is so fabulous :) All your other shots are great, too, but that one stands out for me. Can't wait for Delectable to start, either.....Congrats on everything!

  3. Holy Moly what a banner............... um. Con..congratulations, hah. Nice. Nicccccce.

    And your Pink entry looks awesome, I'll have to lurk that comp. I'm so out of the loop, ugh. >.<

  4. Thanks everyone :D had lots of fun with everything