Friday, March 2, 2012

Canvas Plus Picspam, etc

Anyone remember Canvas?  When Our Song is over I'm sooo starting a second cycle.  I'm not sure I can wait xD

I've already made some graphics for the thread.  I know for sure I will be hosting it on Unbound, and I will at least make a thread advertising it at the officials, but idk whether I will *host* it at both places.  Here's the little graphic for it:

The lovely Vanadis has already agreed to be a judge.  That's one thing I think I will do differently this cycle.  I think instead of having different judges every round, I think I'll just stick with the two of us.  Might throw in a guest judge here and there or maybe for the finale.

I also have some picspam to share.  The last few pics for comps I've done I'm SUPER proud of.  Brad actually helped me out quite a bit with this one for Dark Shadowz:

And also REALLY loving the Perfect Shot assignment, and how my pics turned out:

I think I've found my balance of editing versus in game when it comes to things like skin shading, etc.  I think my style I'm not going to go overboard with it.  I think.. if i remember correctly I just did some very light dodging on her highlighted areas... but I did do a LOT of dodge/burn with her eyes.  Also for the close up headshot I drew on another layer a black line around her eye, applied Gaussian blur, and did the same thing over again for a little bit of shading.  Not exactly as amazing as Nim's eyes, but she did influence me to at least enhance them that much hehe.  ALSO these pics showed me just how awesome a pic can look when you use some *good* cc patterns!  That nice middle ground that takes it away from that total cartoony look and gives it depth without going to that weird creepy photoskinny look.

Also, I finally preordered Showtime.  I don't know if I've ever been THIS pumped about an EP.  Thanks to Seren I checked out the Katy Perry edition and I HAD to get that one.  I mean c'mon.  It comes with giant fruit!


  1. JKA.........JKA.....WHY

    WHY must you tempt me with any Canvas cycle.....

    .....I might have to judge a few assignments lol

  2. hehehe xD Would love that! Just let me know~

  3. I wouldn't wanna bore anyone with anymore long, novel-esque judging critiques, so I'll probably lurk. But I'm sure everyone will have fun with it. Definitely tough to judge, but interesting. I could kick myself for not actually joining Cycle 1.