Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Relocation possibility

There is a small possibility that the hubby and I may be moving to NC toward the end of this year.  I'm really trying to get my hopes up, and I know I'm assuming that this is just going to be a fix-all to all of my problems.  (Really though I have my reasons..)

First of all I know someone who has worked in a hospital in the area and they did three 12 hour shifts there.  I've been wanting that for like.. ever.  Four days off a week?  Sign me up!  Also looking around at real estate it seems we might more bang for our buck there as much.  Why?  Despite the fact that no one wants to live here necessarily, decent flat land is hard to come by in these parts.  There just doesn't seem to be much for sale here in our price range anyway.

I'm also excited about living in a city or near one anyway.  It would be something totally new for me to actually be in a place with *gasp* public transportation and such things like that.  And exploring google maps street view has us loving the place as well.   As soon as I get some time off of work we're going to take a drive down there and check it out :D

Anyway, sorry about the RL stuffs.. just WAY excited.  It's not a definite, and maybe it's not going to be as cool as I think if it is, but I'm kind of feeling like if we get settled there and have a house with room for a nursery lol I might be more inclined to start a family *gasp!*


  1. Aw that's great news JK!! Gosh, I wish you all the best in achieving this!!

    Wha- no public transportation?? Wow.

  2. hush: I think I might have seen a bus but I think it runs a very small circle. In fact I think I only see it at the hospital where I work. Now the town I lived.. near..ish.. before didn't have anything that I *knew* of

  3. And yes maybe some babies... xD When I look at houses on the real estate websites and see like nurseries and toys etc I get all excited xD

  4. Aaaahh! That sounds great -- and yesss babies!! :D Better you guys than us right now LMAO!

    Public transportation rules -- they just opened up a new bus line near here and it should be a decent load off of our vehicles.

    I hope everything goes well for you guys!! Keep me updated please please :D

  5. The best part: You'll live closer to me! Haha just kidding. It's really cool your moving somewhere more urban. It's far from Urban here and your current location has to be worse. xD