Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Underwater Paradise: The JKA Morbid Edition

Assignment for Nature's Finest:

It comes first as a struggle. The cold is piercing and feels like thousands of needles stabbing your skin. As you realize what is happening, your limbs struggle to pull yourself back to the surface, but your body is frozen phsyically and mentally in fear. As the longest minute of your life passes, your lungs realize that they are starving, they want air, oxygen.. just a breath. Even though there is no oxygen left in the breath you are holding, you fear letting it go, knowing there will be nothing but water to replace it. However the time comes when you finally decide to give in. You open your eyes and take in your surroundings: swaying grass and leaves, everything enveloped in shades of blue, and green. You exhale the last bit of air that you had clung so desperately to, and the bubbles surround and you begin to lose the bitter feeling of cold as it is replaced with something dark but warm... your underwater paradise.

Extra: another version that isn't uumm greenified.. prettier but doesn't look as... under water:


  1. Wow that is AMAZING. Can I borrow some talent please :D

  2. Psh since when have you needed it? lmao

  3. Pssstttt, secrets please? xD <3 Looks amazing!

  4. That's the amazing extreme talent I would expect from CelSera!

    Good god :o

  5. LMAO Hush - Cel couldn't do that -- this is the extremem talent I expect from Amber!! She's going to the ends of the earth & back again with her pictures and it's MINDBLOWING. I'm in love <33333