Friday, September 23, 2011

I've been busy... avoiding what I'm supposed to be doing ;)

I've done a lot of pics today soo figured I'd show them off.

First is my Static entry:

Long story short the aliens have been abducted by the humans.

Next, I did my pic for mythology.  I really love it, because it seems kind of out of the norm for the comp:

That in turn inspired me to make a new avi:

And an entry for the Unbound banner comp:

Sooo yeah when the time comes... vote for me please xD j/k vote for who you want ;)

All this today when I should have been cleaning house ;)  What a productive day.


  1. Thanks :D I actually really hope I win xD

  2. Speaking of banners, I love the one you've on on your blog! It's so cool :P I'll def vote for you in the banner comp ;)

  3. Thanks :D

    I needed something new.

    (lol btw as of now I'm the only one to vote for lol)