Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little Challenge

Soooo I have decided to slowly back out of the modeling world, and as I might have mentioned to some of you, and might have even mentioned on the blog here... whenever I get the itch to do a picture, I'm going to create a picture based on a song that inspires me.  One reason I have this idea is because there are sooo many songs that just put such beautiful imagery in my mind when I hear them and they do inspire me.  I have already done one because though I'm sorta short on time I've just been itching to do it!  (Besides, Cel asked me to xD)  I'll post it on the next blog entry, because though it didn't turn out nearly as cool as I wanted it to turn out, I love the song and just want the blog posts with these songs to be their own entries.  I'll post the shot, a video, and the lyrics (if there are lyrics).  (Maybe not in that order Idk.)

The thing is, I would love to kind of challenge you guys if you want to take the same songs once in a while and try your own spin.  I REALLY would like to see your own take on them.  I don't want to score them... Sometimes I get tired of taking something that is beautiful and picking it apart.  I just want to enjoy your sim art.  However understandably, people usually would like some motivation to do a picture... some kind of reward for their hard work.  I thought about offering store items in return for pics, but I know a lot of you um... don't necessarily need gifts from the store to obtain things if you get my drift.  Soooo if anyone has any ideas of how I could motivate people to join in on this fun then please let me know!

By the way at least one thing I will do is feature your pics on my blog... so at least there is that ;)  Also even at least as a spectator you might be introduced to some pretty nifty music. :D

Soooo thanks to Bliss this is going to be advertised in her Newspaper and I'll also be starting a thread on Unbound, so if you want to participate I have several ways of submitting:

  • Commenting on this blog
  • PM at Unbound or Symlish
  • Email ( )
  • Posting on the Unbound thread

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