Friday, October 28, 2011

Songs Entry and an Extra

So last night I produced two images for Simpixie's awesome Couple's comp.  I hated to have used the pose player, but this couples pose is one I'm just incredibly in love with.  I actually REALLY like how these turned out, but I'm pretty sure the judges couldn't possibly get the same feeling from them I do.  (Not that they're bad judges.. I'm just incredibly attached to my couple.)  I can just totally see the whole scene playing out in my head and... Gah I just love Michelle and Parker!

Anyway I debated and debated which picture to submit.. each had its own strengths, so I finally chose one and decided to post both here.  Hope I picked the right one!

We had to create a pic with a steamy scene and have a song that goes along with it, however the song had to be fairly old... like released before 2000.  I could have chosen a TON of songs that had the perfect feeling for the moment I wanted to portray, but the lyrics seemed to be off.  I found one that had the perfect lyrics, but the song was just.. totally poppish and not sexy at all.. so I FINALLY found a song off of the Batman Forever soundtrack.  Pretty cruddy movie.. pretty amazing soundtrack lmao.

He's seen me
So clearly
Come over
And get my number

He'd come round
He'd break down
Say baby
Don't ever leave me

He'd please me
He'd tease me
One time too
One time too many

The pic I turned in:

The extra:

Also, I've realized my absolute dream dream dream career would be finding music for movies, TV shoes, etc.  I feel like I just have a knack for searching to find the perfect song that epitomizes a song, a situation, whatever.  I do it the other way too.. I get stories, characters, etc from listening to songs.

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