Friday, October 7, 2011

There is a Song Assignment One

Incubus - Here in my Room

Garbage - Sleep Together

Michelle was failing history, and Dr. Reese had offered to tutor her. It embarrassed her at first. For one thing, Dr. Parker was hot for a history teacher, and she knew people would make jabs at her about it. However she went, and gradually her grades began improving. Eventually, the time he spent tutoring her diminished, and the time they spent talking increased.

Parker paced in his office, the memory of the previous night relaying in his head... He'd ran into her at a pub, both having a drink.. and he could barely speak to her. He was practically stuttering. He was trying to find something witty to say, trying to impress her. It wasn't right. She was his student. He had to cut the ties. And then she came in...

She was wearing a petticoat. It was cold outside, but whoever controlled the thermostat was clearly over compensating. His office was stiflingly hot.
"Michelle... take your coat?" he asked. An awkward look appeared on her face.
"Well, I'm just warning you... I'm headed to a Halloween party after this, so don't laugh."
She took off her coat and he was floored. How on God's green earth was he to control himself? She was wearing a cheap, thin nurse costume, the top not buttoned all the way. Little lacey bits of her red bra were visible. He promptly turned away, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath. He had to make this quick.


"Hrm?" she said, making her way toward the chair. He turned around, stopping her from taking a seat.

"You know you don't really need these sessions anymore, right? Your grades are fine."

She stepped toward him, reaching her arm around his waist, and leaned in toward him and whispered,
"I'm fully aware of that, Dr. Reese."

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