Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catching Up

Mostly comp updates and picspam :D  Hope you don't mind.  I'm incredibly pleased to say I've won two comps!!!

I won Mythology, and it was no easy accomplishment!  I want to show off this video that Alix made for us <3

I also won Our Song, hosted by SimPixie.  She made me this marvelous siggy:

I REALLY suggest you check out Cycle Two, BFF edition!
SP is a great and fair host... not to mention I will be judging!! 

If you kinda want to do pics here and there, but don't want the commitment of a full on competition, I just finished revamping and reopening The Musical Gallery.

It's going to be ran like the Unbound Open Competition...  an open comp with voting at the end of each round and I will make siggies for the winners :)

Okay.. now time for some picspam.  I hadn't been posting my comp entries but I've got a few I'm kinda proud of sooo here they be:

This is for the Unbound Banner comp:

This is for the Erotic comp:

This is one I liked from the Our Song finale:

(It's meant to look like a polaroid) 

Now just some random gameplay pics.  If you are a participant in Portvale, you know one of Sun's characters is Talen.  He's a sim that I had in my game and gave her to use since I've decided to chill out from Pvale for a while.  I've been playing him in my game and he has a wife and two boys, Galen and Gaius.  (Yes, named after Battlestar Gallactica characters... geektastic!)

Here is some gameplay picspammage of Galen (Gaius hasn't really grown up yet):

Galen with his GF

Galen teaching Gaius to talk


  1. I posted congrats already on wining two comps but i put it in the wrong post. Well done!

  2. I miss you JK! *hugs* I need to come on cloud10 so we can chat and stuff :) Its sad not speaking like everyday xD

    *whispers quietly* Hows that bracelet going? ;)

  3. Lol Nims I was just thinking about the bracelet. I almost have enough space cleared out so I can bead again (lol house has been a wreck). So it might not be too much longer. I just need to figure out what kind of clasp because they are all so hard to get on when it comes to bracelets lol. I might do stretch but I'm always paranoid about my knots and the strength of the cord. :P if you have a preference let me know!

  4. Btw I haven't been on cloudten a whole whole lot because I've either been working or sick :(