Monday, December 12, 2011

Static Future Modeling C3 Assignment One

Model:  Sidrenne Jada


Jolene quickly finished her drink and pushed through the crowd surrounding the band playing at After Life. What had Kiam told her they were called? Atomic Supernova? No.. Atomic Sunshine. She started to listen, getting into the groove of the synth pop with a dark goth mood when her eyes latched onto the singer. She had snow white hair, glowing green eyes and her dark skin reflected the stage lights in a purple glow. She hadn't noticed she'd completely stopped moving. She was standing still in the crowd dancing around the stage, jaw dropped. That was saying something, since Jolene worked at a premier modeling agency. Kiam stepped up beside her.

"You've found your next model, haven't you?" Kiam yelled over the music. Honestly, Jolene was almost embarrassed to admit even to herself that's nowhere near where her mind was wondering, but Kiam had a point.


  1. Good work and story story background for your model ^__^

  2. Thanks! I feel like I don't know her yet lol but surely I'll get her a little more with each assignment :)