Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Kaleya

As my friend said on facebook, I've decided to join the "dorkside" lol.  I wanted to resubscribe but for some reason I was unable to obtain my old account.  Whatever.  It was cheaper this way... $20 to buy the games (again) but comes with three free months of free playing... Yeah sounds good.  Anyway, Kaleya here is a Draenei Paladin.  Right now she's only level three lol.  I played on hubby's computer while mine is patching, and it was weird to get used to because he has some crazy UI mod, but it's a start.  I just couldn't resist, watching him play with the cataclysm stuff happening.. there's an awesome storyline going on I don't want to miss.  It was horrible making her, though.  So little customization *cries*.  Oh well :D


  1. Teehee I went to the dorkside after leveling 6 of my horde to 80. Choose the Draenei too but mage. I think she was 55 or something.
    But god after the recent patch, it's just not my game anymore :( I don't think I'll get the xp.
    Lol I'm just focusing on leveling my nephews character now and playing the auction house game for my mains. Whooo nerd!

  2. panda....back away from the Wow. That's...nice and slow. Now, RUN! Run screaming. It's no good for you! It will suck out your brains and mush them all up!

    Come play Black Ops with me instead !

    "Everyone carry gun, if you carry gun No, you get murdered." - Basil Marceaux for Governor

  3. lol Brad said something to the effect of you being a much more devoted gamer than I :D :D

  4. Bah Alliance!
    I'm getting the ''We have actually opened recruitment'' comments from my husband, trying to get me to apply to the raiding guild he helps run (co leads). I used to be so into it, but it just doesn't seem to hold my attention like it used to, I can't play for more than a few months before I get bored...I've rerolled more times than I care to admit lol

    Wheres my friends request huh? I is on Facebook too!

  5. I shall make an attempt to find you!!

  6. Call of Duty Black Ops is SO SO SO much fun! You get to kill people ! I hope no one ever gives me a gun in real life..hehe