Sunday, December 5, 2010

Before the I Do's

I'm incredibly excited about Yazzie's awesome comp, and my couple!  This is one of the rare occasions I actually have a story in mind that will really inspire my entries.  Anyway I'm going to refrain from telling too much about them, hoping their story will reveal itself with each entry.  Though it's incredibly hard not to just blurt it all out here. (Seren, Hush and Blair... how ever do you keep your lips zipped? lol)

Anyway, Here is the couple:
Dimitri Carrion:

Raina Gilbert:

And here is Assignment One:

Demanoid Phenomenon 

Who am I? More what am I? I think the term most of you would use and what most have used throughout the ages would be, “demon”. Some call me karma. I think of myself as something more simple than that. I think of myself as a force. I just happen to be one of the forces in the world that aren't liked by many, because I simply cause bad things to happen.
I am a necessary evil in this world. Some of you may have heard, without darkness, there is no light. Sadly, there is a reason many cliches are true. I aid to complete the balance.

For an amount of time I've forgotten, hundreds, maybe a thousand years by now, I've roamed the earth as this emotionless force, the memory of what I once was all but vanished. My life, if that's what you call it, a series of “if then” statements, as I liked to think of it. If the balance has been upset, then I must adjust it.

But as comfortable as I am, as automated is this process is for me, it seems it is time for my story to take a turn. As I said before, for hundreds of years I have been a force, but not a force directly felt. I have not been heard, seen, or acknowledged directly until the very moment I met Raina.

November 2, 2009
He told me today about the first day we really met, and strangely enough I think I remember it, though I can't be certain. He says it was raining, and I was in the lounge area of the dorms where no one really goes. I had a book in my hands, and I was studying. That would make sense. It was the only place I could study since Sam always had her “sisters” over. He told me it was the first time in hundreds of years he'd felt emotion. He was “reading” me, as he does, who knows, probably devising some plot for pain. Maybe some kind of college loner suicide. Who knows, knowing him. He said I knew I wasn't alone, and that I was the first person to acknowledge him in centuries. Apparently that was the first time I met Dimitri. 


  1. Thanks :D I kinda like him too ;) Was going for an older, interview with the vampire kind of hawt.

  2. I manage to stay zipped, because I never really have much to tell. I have the basis of my story, but I usually make most of it up as I go along. Not even just with comps, just in general. Everything is made up as I go along :P

    I think, I'm with Kelle on the hair though. Not the biggest fan :(
    I MUCH prefer Raina ! (which I can't spell either >.< I keep going Rainia : / You have a knack for choosing names I can't spell. Don't even ask my to try Dim...nope, that's as far as I get O.o) Her hair is so pwetty ! Now you make me want late night even more :(

    I can't wait to see their story develop <3