Monday, June 13, 2011

Comp Catch Up

Wasn't sure if anyone was interested, but I thought to get things moving again I'd try to do a quick catch up with some of my decent comp pics. xD

Been a while and I apologize. 

First up is Totally Real, which I'm sad to say came to an abrupt end, just as I figured out an awesome storyline! 

They had followed the water's edge for about a week, camping out, finding various nuts and berries to eat. Luckily Kyden had only gotten sick once, throwing up after eating a purple colored berry. He was such a gentleman, testing out foods before Aislin to protect her. They had seen no shelter, so they slept under the twinkling stars, which were actually very bright creatures similar to our fireflies. However, before falling asleep, Aislin and Kyden began having long, deep conversations. They soon began feeling that little spark of attraction. Both reacted with an awkward and poor attempt to ignore it, especially when they woke up one morning in each others' arms.

Luckily it wasn't long after the two found a stone pathway, leading up to an inn of sorts. It was gorgeous, like a lush oasis in the desert. They had no money, but the innkeeper took pity on them and said that if they helped with some odds and ends, they could share a room. The innkeeper found them some clothing and showed them to their room. It was a beautiful room looking over a small pond. That night Kyden should have fallen asleep as fast as Aislin, for it was the most comfortable he'd been in ages. The room was lush with beautiful greenery and a soft bed. Instead, he watched Aislin sleep and let his mind take over:

Dresden, I hope that you know that I will never stop loving you and never stop missing you, but I have to let you go.

He looked at Aislin's peaceful face and accepted that he was slowly falling for someone new.

It had been carefully calculated. He couldn't know or else all would be blown.

"Red hair? Grey eyes? I believe I put him up in the room at the end... but Miss-"
Before he could finish, Dresden ran down the side of the building, glancing in each window for Kyden. In a 
flash her heart swelled with joy and shattered like glass. Dresden filled with rage.

The next one is for Blair's awesome Comp, Faerie Folk (which is this cycle a Berry theme)
No story with this pic... but I'm hoping everyone notices the shoe on the steps xD

Aannnddd Masquerade:  (don't feel like grabbing the story for this lol)

I decided to do a just because pic:


I really also like my finale pics for A to... Beauty but there are kind of a lot, so I may come back to this and post later on a separate entry :)

Edit:  Wanted to show closeups of Amiee's simself.  Poor thing is one of my tortured extras:

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  1. Haha! You're using simselves as extras?! That's brilliant!