Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blair told me I needed to update...(featuring some Generations picspam)

xD  Sorry kids, I haven't posted in a while.  Just figured no one wanted to see my picspam.   Not much else to talk about really.  Got some furniture, moved the house around.  I guess I could show my spiffy new office.  Luckily it's no longer in the Ninja Turtle green room.

Yay for having a geek hubby who saw my need and suggested dual monitors... and the fact that I would rather have a huge computer monitor for our one year anniversary than jewelry xD.  Yes we are meant to be. To the left you will see our bookcases featuring old nursing school books and Brads old RBG books xD.  TO the right you will see my shelves loaded full of beads.  This is where all the simming/beading action is happening xD.

What else can I bore you with?  My comps seem to be winding down and some are either over or were cancelled or whatever.. I won't last much longer in Masquerade, so I've actually been able to play just for the fun of it.  I'll admit, I think Generations makes that fun again.  It also makes playing different age groups tolerable to play.... which was a problem I had with the game before.  Here's some picspam from the family I've been playing:

This hottie here is Sun's sim Aedan which you can find in her studio, however I've kinda spiffed up his coloring and gave him some of the hair I actually liked from Generations.  His name is Aedan.

This is Toni, Aedan's wife.  I've decided this round I'm going to do things in game I don't normally do... break from the usual.  So she is a sculptor.  It's been pretty fun and if I keep at it she can make some killer moolah.  It also helps to hold on to the pieces a lil bit and let them appreciate before selling.

This is their first daughter Audrey.  I had a blast with her as a teen.  She got to go to prom, and even though it was a rabbithole kind of thing, I kept getting popups of things that were happening.  She got a new boyfriend, she actually made prom queen, and then asked to dance with her crush and was rejected.  When she came home she had a pretty nifty looking picture from prom in her inventory along with a crown:
That little gross looking thing was a little favor she brought back from a field trip to the restaurant.... yeah it looks like rotting food.  Idk what that's about, but isn't the prom pic awesome?

Also, check out these nifty little things that pop up when you're telling ghost stories.... not to mention the cool flashlight:

This lovely teen is Charlotte, the second born in this family and I just ADORE her.  She's so unique looking and already has kind of a personality.  She was my first teen with mood swings and tormented the household constantly with pranks, even though she had the "good" trait:

Graduation pic of Charlotte:
Audrey in labor:

(yah that was an eventful day)

Oh, almost forgot to introduce you to their younger brother Brian:

Yes, the pillow fighting facial expressions are hilarious.

Okay, sorry if you are tired of the picspam, but Kelle made me a special simmeh for Charlotte to make babeh's with, and here he is.... his name is Benjamin, and they are awesome together:

I'm not going to write a story or anything with them, but I really like them :D  Esp since they have genetics from two close friends' sims!!  Soo this family's gonna be pretty special to me!


  1. So cool! I've never really liked Berry Sims, but these are awesome!

  2. Hehe. I just make them colorful. I don't think they really look like food so I give them normal names

  3. :D I <3 them ! And can't wait to see their babbbyyy !!!

    You're making me want generations >.> It looks so cool ! I'll need to fly my plane over steal your disk, install it and give you your disk back. Yaayyy ! And it all won't work because I forgot to take the box for the key xD

    You have a room to yourself now? Is Brad still in the Green Room?

    I think I should stop rambling ! And just yay for awesome updating <3

  4. lol. Brad is in the blue room which you haven't seen xD