Friday, April 23, 2010

Time for some CAS fun

I just downloaded the UI mod and the euphoria skin tones.  Going to play in CAS some.  Will edit some pics on shortly.

Edit: Here they be:

And I decided to play my oldest family.  Not excatly a legacy, but the closest I have to one.  I took some pics of this as well.

This is Chiana Seanz as a teen, prior to aging to adult.  She's generation three, which is pretty amazing for me.

After aging the first time.  The game crashed after I made her over :(

Post makeover.  I don't always go all the way goth with a sim.  I thought she was the one for it. 

Left to right, Ernesto, Kareem, Agatha, Chiana, and Olivia.  Agatha is Olivia's daughter, and she is married to Kareem.  Chiana and Ernesto of course are the grandkids of Olivia.  If this was a legacy, I guess you'd call Olivia the founder.

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