Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Am I weak?

I've seen some pretty horrible things (anything from bone-deep bedsores to intestines) in the last two-three years as a nurse/nursing student and I wasn't bothered as far as getting queasy or sick to my stomach. Upset that this had happened to someone or that someone had let it happen to another being yes.

I also like watching scary movies. I guess I mean scary, though, and not horror. It's not the blood and guts that bother me. I was trying to figure out what it was that made this distinction. The reason I have only watched the first Saw movie and why I will never watch another. The distinction is the torture. I can stomach quick deaths, even with guts spilling out and copious amounts of blood. However, one thing I learned quick in the nursing profession is that there are things worse than death. THAT is what bothers me.

That being said I almost flipped completely out on my husband last night. He probably honestly thought I was psychotic. He decided to show me the trailer for an independent movie, saying he couldn't believe someone was crazy enough to have this idea. If you really want to know the movie, I'll tell you but I'd rather not mention it right now. Understandably, he probably didn't realize how sensitive I am to thing but I do remember one previous incident that should have given him some kind of clue. I kind of flipped out when someone was telling specific details about a movie where these people post videos on youtube of them torturing this guy for.. ransom? and instead of helping, people just comment with more ways to torture him... and they just wouldn't stop telling about it!! I don't know if it was that bad, or if I've just become more sensitive over time, but if I was able to somewhat stomach the first Saw movie and just the trailer alone for this movie disturbed me this much, then maybe it says something.

Am I weak? Was I wrong to flip out on him? I really would like to know your thoughts/opinions. At least he knows now...

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