Thursday, April 22, 2010

Competition Fever!!

I've been hosting Hitched, the married couple competition, and I've been in a few competitions, but they were all either cancelled or abandoned.  I'm really happy now because I've joined cycle 2 of Lady Em's Miss Simiverse Pageant.  This is one I know will finish, so I feel like I can put more work into it.  I put a little work even into my entry pictures. 

Anyway here's my entry:

Mr. And Miss DeLorean (yes, I know, that is a car...I was sad because the hubby doesn't understand why I desperately want one)

Leah and Vincent Evans.  Not going to post the head shots.  Didn't do anything interesting with them.  I'm pretty proud of these, though.  I really can't wait for the competition to get started. :)

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