Thursday, September 9, 2010


It was by the skin of my teeth, but I won gothique!  My first competition win, and its GOTHIQUE!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their support and thanks to Akasha and Phoebe!  PK... I really never dreamed I would have won over you, still not sure I deserved it but I'm not going to complain :D :D :D



  1. I want to click Awesomesauce times a million!!!

    And as your first comp win, I can't believe it! Surely you've won others with your talent??
    Lol I can talk, I've only won the first comp I was in.

    Such a deserved win, all your effort and time(what you have spare!) was rewarded.

    So happy for you JK =D (I didn't think anyone could beat PK in comps!)

  2. LOL I didn't expect to hehe. Not many other comps I've been in have finished. The ones that have.. I think I've been second in, so that's pretty good :)

    I'm really sad its over :( I was just getting the feel for it I think.

  3. Congrats again! :D You did great! *hugs*

  4. Yazzie! What happened to your blog?

  5. JK its still there, I just changed the link!
    It's Is that why I havent heard from you in days!?