Friday, September 24, 2010

Faerie Folkness

After a hard day of being pretty and answering questions about the life of a faerie, Gossamer closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber, filled with many dreams. Some were good, some were bad. In her dreams she traveled to many places and did many things in the land of slumber, but only two of these dreams remained in her memory upon awakening.

In the one dream, she was traveling in a hot air balloon, in a world so beautiful it could only be created in dreams. Cities were perched on mountainous clouds, with floating railways bringing gleeful citizens in and out. She hovered above the track, totally encompassed in this magical world she strangely knew to be called Empyrean. 

In another just as magical but not so happy dream, Gossamer found herself in a land of rolling hills and barren, scorched trees scattered here and there. It was dark, but he sky was illuminated. The color, however, on ground, almost seemed faded. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a white figure. She was possibly a faerie like me, or some similar creature. her dress was exactly like mine, but all white. In fact, she had no color anywhere... Just white. She started giggling, and I felt a tingling sensation spreading from the tip of my wing down. I looked up, and to my horror I saw the iridescent colors of my wings progressively fading away. How soon would it be till this... creature.. stole all of my color? 

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