Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gothique Finale

First, just wanna say sorry to Seren and Hush... I asked for your help and then I didn't even use either of the pictures.  I had yet another moment of inspiration and knew I could get a little more gore in there.  I'll post the actual entry and poem, then the alternatives I had.

My Masterpiece

A dark and wet canvas
To others, a place of horror
To myself; a sanctuary
None dare venture here
This earthy smell
musty, old, thick....
and ahh.. yes..
that coppery smell of blood
It tells stories... My stories
It's my craft, my art
My canvas is covered, but only in red.
Some dark, but this here is not.
It is bright, and sticky.
Sticky with your blood, Akasha.
My mentor, my teacher.
How lucky you are!
You didn't understand then,
pleading with arms out
But you will now, 
My final piece of art.
My final work, the two of us.
My "finishing touch" pierces my chest.

Althernative pictures I've done:

(Because I can't stand the idea of them totally going to waste)


  1. I love them all! Give her the prize, or the money, or whateva you get! Look at all those details! I love pictures like that, spend the whole time just looking into the background XD