Thursday, September 30, 2010

I finally got back to it

I've been pulling aside bits of time here and there to make another piece of jewelry.  I wouldn't consider it anything extremely unique, but I really like it.  I'm hoping to be able to send it to a buddy across the ocean, *nods to Blaz*.  Lets just hope shipping isn't absolutely insane.  Anyway just wanted to post this piece since my jewelry seems few and far in between anymore :(

Sorry the pics are a tad dark, but I still think they turned out okay.


  1. I think it's absolutely stunning, well done JK! Blaz you lucky girl :D

  2. I'm just waiting for you to put things in your Etsy, girl!

    Almost all the jewelery I have are of the simple/elegant variety which is great when I want or need to dress up really nice but the stuff you make is great for every day and I suck at picking those out.

    Besides, almost every piece of jewelry I own means something to me and I'd love to buy from someone who I "know", even if it's just through the interwebs :3

  3. Oh that is lovely ! You could make a fortune selling your stuff here in Perth ! I too am waiting for you to let us buy a little something.

    Umm...I'm over the Ocean ! Hehe, but if it's being sent to Blaz then i am sure it is going to a great home !

  4. Hehe *blush*. My intention after I finished that last night was to stay up and start on some stuff to put on etsy but I so passed out. I do have two ready for it but I wanted to have more. I guess I also need to find out a little more about what it costs to ship to other continents. I have avreally cute Idea for some earrings I might get to work on soon :D

  5. *feels incredibly lucky* That is...completely and utterly amazing JK ! It's perfect ! I love it soooo much, idk if I can properly put it into words how much *hugs x a million*
    I'm so happy JK, and if posting does cost a fortune, I'll try and send something back. I have decided that going to the post office isn't that big s thing *coughitkindaisbutohwellilldealcough* xD

    *more hugs* Thank you ! :D :D :D
    Yeah, you just completely and utterly made my day JK !!!

    Seren, you are not getting my necklace >:[ Though, mebbe if you ask JK very very veryyy nicely, she might let ya have something ;)