Monday, May 3, 2010

Please don't gooooooo... don't goooo away

Lol.  I really should go to bed. 12 hours after 2 of sleep is.. dreadful.  My whole body hurts.  But enough whining.. time for.. well, sorry.  More whining.

I just had three people (probably) drop out of my competition.  This is my first time judging a comp, and I thought I had been doing okay (especially for not ever being in a competition that wasn't abandoned).  Not amazing, but okay.  Situations arise and not sure how to react and try to be fair to everyone.  I really hope that not everyone drops.  I love seeing everyone's entries and ideas, and while I didn't want the competition to be stuck at round 3 forever, I don't want it to be down to only a tiny amount of contestants due to drop outs.  But I guess if they aren't having fun then I will not attach a ball and chain lol.

On a side note:  I've been doing well with losing weight and really haven't even been craving horrible foods, etc, but here lately I've been DYING for a big slice of cookie from the cookie company.  During these three days off I'm really going to have to get one.



  1. Awww don't feel bad JK, you- I'm sorry I'm distracted by that cookie coupon :p

    You had to make a decision, had to be done. If you had dragged it out, a lot more people would have dropped and found something else. I'm amazed you can host and work those hours! I fall asleep on my laptop after my shift.

  2. I'm with hush. I think you're doing an amazing job running this comp. And if I'd not read that this was your first time hosting a comp, I'd have never known it.

    You can't please all of all of the time. And I am sorry, but I DO agree that one round can not go on forever. I don't mind a small delay of a couple of days...that's not what was being asked in this case. You had to make a call, and I think you made a great one.

    I don't want people to drop out either, and if they aren't having fun, I have NO idea why as I think this comp is a blast and I'm really enjoying it.

    But for me, it's not about winning or scoring high, it's about seeing if I can be up to the task given to me and tell the story at the same's about the journey.

    Good on ya for the weight loss ! That's really hard, especially if cookies are calling your name.

    Don't doubt yourself, mate, you're doing really really good !

  3. Sorry bout the spelling in above post, I'm knackered.

  4. BTW how do I get a pair of those earrings?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones you have on flicker.

    You know what? I only own four pairs of ear bobs. And three of them I've gotten since Christmas ! How sad is that?

  5. Aawww. If you would like the earrings I will send you a pair. As I have told my husband I've spent all this money on beads and supplies and most of what I've made is just lying around the house not being used. Just PM me at the sanctuary :)
    Thanks for the comments guys :) Makes me feel much better.

  6. lol seren I have two piercings in each ear and I just wear the same silver sleepers. Even when I go out! Maybe it's bcoz my hair covers my ears. When I pull it back people are like "Huh? I didn't know you had that!" And most are my family XD

    Glad you feel better JK!

  7. I really REALLY want that cookie!! THink we could get one past customs?