Saturday, May 1, 2010

Screenshot fun

Just browsing through my folder of screenshots while winding down from a hard day's night at work (or is it hard night's day for me?!?).  Anyway some of them made me giggle or smile, so I thought I'd post here in case anyone else might be entertained by them.

I was taking screenshots for Simiverse, trying to get in a few extras and um.. Girl on the left just looked.. weird hehe.
 Okay I just think he's pretty... hehe

Pregnant sims weird me out sometimes.  Just sayin'.

Wanna know how she got those scars?  Hehe.  I think my hubby had nightmares after I showed this to him.

Grandma wanders sometimes.

Just... wrong.

Was going for early 90's goth here..... not sure how that went.

Hope someone got some enjoyment :)


  1. I did!

    All I can think of is date rape for that 2nd last pic.

  2. yeah :( looks like proof against Ian (in unattended) lol

  3. How is unattended going? I was enjoying that story. :)

    I dunno the name of your male sim but that IS one pretty Sim! * nod nod*

  4. hehe
    his name is Ian... I actually started on chapter four today. It has taken me so long because I'm at a fork in the road with the story and I had a few things to decide about the plot before I moved on :) I will be working on it more later today :D :D

  5. wait.. the male in Unattended or the first one? The black haired guy is named Vincent, and he's my sim in the Simiverse comp :D

  6. Lol I'm procrastinating sooo much on the next chapter for Lyle & Saph. Had to break it up, just way too long! Only 9 more pics to write for :'( It's all in my head but I just loathe putting it all together in writing but first it's off to work!