Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Verde es muy bonita! and my favorite machinima ever...

I am really not sure if I said that right.  Anyway, my sim I use for my avatar (Verde) has 853 downloads and 21 recs.  I'm amazed, because I remember a time not too long ago when I was excited about one of my sims having 93 downloads.  :o

I'm very flattered.  I had my cookie yesterday, btw.  I even took a picture of it but I am too lazy to post it just yet.  Might edit it in later.  AAnndd I'm working on Unattended, and also some more jewelry.  I bought some beautiful charms yesterday and some semi precious jasper beads.  I have so many ideas and so little time.  A lot to do around the house.  =/

Edit:  I almost forgot.  I wanted to show my favorite machinima ever.  Sorry, not Sims 3.  


  1. Oh that's epically awesome. When I saw the title I was like that sounds like a song I like and it was! <3 TV On The Radio. Lol just logged into my WoW account for like 5 secs, in case the hackers who hacked my friend added me. All her gear was sold and our gbank cleaned out :(

    Hooray for new chapter, cookies and jewelry ides!

  2. I just recently cancelled my wow account. I loved it, but I just haven't been playing it much with all these competitions, etc. Maybe when Cataclysm comes out I might go on a sims hiatus for a bit. I hope your WoW account was okay.

    and BTW I need to check out more TV on the radio.. if the rest is anything like wolf like me, then im sure they're awesome.