Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Competition Idea

I have an idea for a competition, but I want to know what you guys think.  Hitched is coming to a close, and I am between doing a second cycle of Hitched or this.  I'll put up a poll shortly after I make this post to see what you guys think.

The title of the competition would be:
Modeling Killed the Radio Star
The idea behind it would be your sim is alone or part of a band as an upcoming music star.  Can be any genre, rock, pop, hip hop, country, even death metal.  All up to you.  The assignments would be things like first cd cover, first grammy award, a still shot from a music video, etc.  I think it would be insanely fun to do and fun to host.  If I did this, I would want to go all out and have it hosted by "SimTV".  I even made a little (simple) logo already:

That's just for SimTV.  I'd even consider making the old school Mtv VJ's as sims...  (Jesse camp anyone? lol) or have someone else help me with that.  I'm not good at making celebrity sims.  

I know a lot of people had serious fun with Hitched... including me, and I'd hate to let it go.  Maybe I could do one now then one later.  When I post the poll, please put your input!!!


  1. Hey JK i would love to join it if my laptop is fixed by today :)

  2. Hey Jk this competition sounds like an awsome idea! Deffinatly sounds like alot of fun. I think you should deffinatly host it :]

  3. hehe it will be a while. There is one more assignment to go in Hitched after this one :D

  4. I'd join it.... if my game were working :(
    It's a great idea and I think that lot's of people would like it!

  5. I like the idea of something different!! It sounds like it would be a lot of fun! You can count me in :)

  6. I wanna judge!! Erm, excuse me. I think it's a brilliant idea that would be a lotta fun and it maybe you need or would like a guest judge, i am so there, if you'd have me.

  7. Intriguing competition *hand up for judging* and if not then I'll be joining!
    Oh wait that's means I'll have to learn how to edit... Maybe I'll change my vote to hitched first.

  8. Hehe. I think the assignments I would make would be doable without editing. I always try to make sure of that. I would love to have judges! If I do hitched again I do want at least one other judge