Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Going to Poop Rainbows for a Week

I have been wanting to do something cool like this for a long time.  After Casey told me to google rainbow cake, I decided to try making rainbow tye dye cupcakes.  Basically it's simple.  Take food coloring, the GOOD stuff, and just partition your cake mix into separate bowls, however many colors you want.  Mix in the food coloring, and pour one color on the bottom of the cups, then another, etc.  I'm going to be a sloppy blogger and just type then post awesome pics.  I also did the cool thing where you incorporate pudding into your cake batter.  I used french vanilla cake mix and white chocolate pudding :D

Here are the beautiful pictures:

And I know, I've been losing weight and I don't need to stop here.  This was really done for the fun of it more than the food itself =P


  1. *steals cupcake*


  2. I love them! Mail them to me!

  3. Oh my gosh! Those are wonderful!!! Do you ship to OZ?! I want one so so so badly! Cute and yummy! Though baaad for my diet.

  4. I bake three times a week o_O
    Made peach and passion fruit custard tarts for dessert last night. Baking has been my obsession for a decade now :)

    Those are fantastic food colourings! Haven't found anything like that in Oz.

  5. i have decided that i am making some today :3 be expecting pictures :D *couldnt resist*

  6. :D hush you should send some stuff my way =P
    Kelle can't wait to see! Seren I would if i Could hehe :D

  7. i still want some! Gimme! :-P

  8. Ahhh this is something I've always wanted to do too!!!
    Totally having a rainbow cake at my wedding hehe