Friday, June 4, 2010

Some more whining plus pomegranate hair... what?!

No one online and really don't want to be alone right now. :(  Seeing things (in movies or at work is something I can usually handle but not last night.  I will not elaborate, but I was so angry and upset that it was allowed to happen in spite of my attempts to stop it, and no one else was doing/saying anything.  >:(  I'm horrified and upset to my stomach still and its been over 6 hours.

Next up on Amber's whining list: the forums.  I'm not saying I'm leaving the forums, but it's getting more frustrating/annoying than anything to try to be a participant in competitions and a host.  I kind of want to not join any (at least on the forums) after the ones I am in/hosting are finished due to the poor reliability.  I know its not life and death, but surely they must know that there is a problem.  When I go to customer support, it seems more game oriented, so I'm not sure that's the best method of action.  REALLY dissatisfied with EA's customer service.  I hate that its such a good game they continue to get my hard earned money. :(  What would they do if everyone got frustrated and just stopped?  Just close them?  Ugh.

Moving on, so I'm not Ms. Negative, I have pictures of my hair.  My friend and I experimented with it and I absolutely love the results:

By the way I STILL (obviously) can't access the forums.  Serenity I know you've gotten yours in, hush I wouldn't know, but if you want to email to me my email is  (Not that I can judge any time soon anyway :( )


  1. Geez JK how much drama have you had lately???

    *hugz and cookies for whatever troubles you*

    I've been quite depressed since the forums have just disappeared completely for me. Trying to cheer myself up by randomly looking at tedious things on the net. When I found this music clip it made my day.
    Mainly because I have loved this song and never until now seen this clip, which is my kind of weird :) It's a Queen song but old Queen. Hopefully you find some enjoyment from it. I think it expresses what we're all feeling with the forums.

    Oh your hair is all kinds of win! I had mine that colour for a while then I changed to dark plumy purple for a year. Looked awesome but my hair just can't take reds, I was getting very annoyed at watching my money go down the drain.

    I'm going to try and see if I can get on and post before I go to bed (after 12am here), got to work tomorrow. So I'll try when I get home and if that doesn't work I'll def be emailing you!

    I'm glad I choose to judge instead of entering another comp. Had a feeling something stupid would happen with the new EP, which I currently have but might wait like with HELS for a week or two. Though I'll prob give in and install it on backup game.

    Wish EA would get the message about communicating with their consumers and how hard is it to run a website???

  2. Heeeya JKA, goodness it sounds like you had a rough one. I dunno what happened last night, but whatever it was that upset you, I am sure you handled it as best you could. You seem to be pretty even tempered from what I can see, so I figure whatever happened musta been bad to rile you. If it was something online, do try not to let it effect your real life to very much. It sucks when E-Drama actually physically and mentally upsets us. If it was something that happened in your RL, then all I can really say is I'm sorry and I'm sure Hush and i are here if you need us.

    As for the hair- I LOVE it ! I think it turned out perfectly. I really like the cut too. Now, advise from a stylist..keep that lovely hair colour OUT of that pool you're sitting in front of ! Also, if you lot have Moroccan Oil over there, I can not suggest strongly enough that you get..and the shampoo and mask. your hair wont know itself on that stuff.

    And I'm feelin' ya on the comp thing. I'm so disappointed with the boards. They messed us around whilst I was doing Miss Simiverse too. I know the 7 deadly sins started, but I am so over the boards I can not motivate myself to start that comp.

    I'm working on Hansel and Gretel. I was hoping to have it posted today, but my games gone wonky on me and I've been trying to sort it out for a few hours now. And now it's bed time, past bed time hehe.

    g'night you :)

  3. I kinda wish it was online happenings last night but it was a bloody mess at work... literally :O Anyway I'm slowly getting over it, but considering a career change.
    Thanks for the cookies and the music link.. listening now :D (There aren't many theatrical songs like this anymore :( )
    :D I have a "generic" of morrocan oil called Argan oil.. LOVE IT. I also use Loreal everpure (sulfate free) shampoo and conditioner. It still fades, but not half as fast. And i was a good girl.. I got in the pool but had my hair up and didn't get it wet :D