Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is that all it takes?

I don't particularly want to get caught up in drama, but there's something that has really been bothering me.  Where shall I start...

Someone makes a simple, reasonable request:  Please try to refrain from profanity.  Now I will admit I cuss like a sailor IRL.  But I understand that it may offend some people and also there are younger peeps online whose parents may check up on once in a while and just might not be too happy if they see the "F word" every other line.  So is it not a reasonable request that some refrain from the language?

Apparently not.  I guess you're a dictator and a tyrant and no one can have fun.  It's not even necessarily the cursing itself but the attitude when asked to avoid.  I just think its kind of lame to be someone's "friend" and then the minute you disagree with a request, you find you just have to seek freedom from the oh so horrible repression and THEN to add insult, you have a spy lurking and any time something else is said someone might not agree with, BRING IN THE TROOPS, WE'RE AT WAR!

Sorry.  I just had to get that off my chest.  I really hope the majority of the drama ended tonight.


  1. Whoah ! Someone managed to annoy you ! I didn't know it was possible and quite frankly, I am shocked ! You're so patient and always so nice!

    I dunno what you're on about though, I missed whatever drama happened...probably for the best as I'm feeling a bit PMSie. Heheh.

    I'm back to not being able to post, would you please let Sun know that I loved her entry? I tried to post again after I posted my entry but havent been able to again. Grrr's

  2. I basically only swear like crazy either by myself or with people I know who swear. I made a decision ages ago not to swear on places I know children frequent and in my sim stories. Though I remember when I was 13 when the Internet was new and geez... things I said in chats and lol ICQ. Who knows what pervs I was chatting with. You can't shield them unfortunately, really the parents should be monitoring.

    I too have no clue what drama you could be talking about but those Internet fights are just about turning off the computer and taking a breather. People who are ignorant and flame for no reason just really get under my skin. Plus most simmers are just too young and get too involved with the majority. The older simmers really have no excuse for the way they behave.

    Look you got me ranting now :p but with the nerd guy telling me all night that I can't post my hitched entry I'm a bit angry. It's past 11pm here, so I'll have to try and post mine tomorrow JK :(

  3. Thanks guys :) Yeah as much as I like to be quiet and hold back I am a mod on chat so kinda feel the need to stick around when things get hairy =/
    hush: I can't remember when my due date is, but I'm only able to get on the forums half the time anyway, so I'l wait till the forums clear back up a bit for a deadline.

  4. On a side note, JKA I wanted to letcha know that you inspired me to get down and get dirty and lose the weight I gained through my three miscarriages. I've joined a diet plan and started today and my sweetie is doing it with me.

    It was so refreshing that you were so honest and open about what you're doing. Thank you !

  5. Oh seren, I am so sorry for your losses!

    I hope you keep your strength and good luck with the diet :)

  6. Well it's Thursday morning for me, fresh and bright-eyed for once, go to the forums (because surely by now I can post my entry) and hello Liam the nerd! Am I the only one on a complete ban?

    I have so much free time without access to the forums XD

  7. lol. Seren that's awesome! I wish you lots of luck. Not easy, but worth it.
    hush no you are definitely not. :( I cleared my cache and could get on but then once i logged in it was back to the nerd. >:F