Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Job Interview!!

I had a job interview this morning after my shift at work! I interviewed for a full time position on the oncology floor.  (Same hospital.) I really like the people I work with and all, but I've always felt kind of passionate about end of life care. (No, not all oncology patients are dying, but I'm sure they are no strangers to death.)
I really hope I get the job.  If I do get it, I might not be working all night shift.  It will be rotating shifts, which has its pros and cons.  But it might mean I'll be around more because it won't be all nights :) :)


  1. Jk, I wish you the best! I am sure you did awesome on your interview! You are such a sweet and passionate person, they would be blessed to have you! :)

  2. aww even I had a tear sun, so sweet!

    Good luck JK! I'm sure you nailed it.

  3. Oh Panda, I wish you very good luck with this. I agree with Sun, they would be blessed to have you. You are such a caring and wonerful person, I can't think of anyone better to care for people in their last days then you, with your heart of gold.

    Please let us know how it goes.

  4. Thank you, Seren! I was supposed to hear Friday either way, but she didn't call. I'm really hoping she calls today with good news.