Friday, August 6, 2010

Opinions requested from Unattended readers

Have been contemplating unattended and want to know a few things from you guys before I move foreword.
1: have been thinking about changing the name. Just adding a word or two, like, "The Unattended Past" or "Past Left Unattended". What do you guys think?

2: I know I started the story from Ian's point of view and then totally changed it up. Now it's way more focused on Saffron. Should I come full circle and end it back with Ian narrating? (the focus is still mostly about Saffron). Or just finish from her pointbof view? Or continue to tell from multiple perspectives?

I think those are my two main questions. I'd love and appreciate anybfeedback!


  1. Past left unattended, and a loop back to Ian sounds like a great idea.

  2. I like 'Unattended' on its own, and multiple perspectives sounds fine. ;)

  3. Hiya Panda !

    I have to say I like "unattended " on it's own too, because it's open to the reader's interpretation.

    And i like the idea of multiple perspectives telling Saff's's kinda reads like one of those true life crime dramas where they have friends and neighbours telling how it was from their perspective..I think the Americans have a show " City Confidential".

  4. I was always content with just "unattended"

    I agree with LE, loop it back to Ian. Start with him, finish with him :)

  5. Thanks everyone :D
    That helps. Hopefully I'll soon be able to update more. I'm totally going to back off of the comp scene once I'm out of some of my comps and focus on this and jewelry :)