Friday, August 13, 2010

Simiverse C3 Assignment 3

Rotten Candy 
Aislin showed up to the set of the shoot for Medusa's new fragrance, Rotten Candy, not knowing what to expect. The set consisted of green carpet, and blue walls with white clouds painted onto them, and flowers everywhere. One of the extras was a cowboy, the other supposedly a sailor... but really didn't look like one, and she was holding a teddy bear. Aislin spotted her fairy princess costume and rolled her eyes. 
"I guess it could be worse," she thought. Then her eyes strayed over to the huge lollipop.... 
"Oh muh gawd I LOVE THESE!" She began to devour it while the extras looked at her like she was a mad woman. The camera man decided to take shots and go with it. 

Murder She Wrote
Aislin was in a bit of trouble after... eating one of the props for the perfume shoot, so she decided to lay low for a few days.
"I think I'll sneak off to the new posh beach resort nearby," she thought to herself. She grabbed her cute new sarong and some matching earrings, styled her hair (to HER tastes, finally), and made her way into the hotel lobby to check for open rooms. However, the shock of her life was waiting for her in the lobby: a dead body. The staff seemed to have conveniently disappeared. She called for help from her cell phone, and to her amazement when the police and EMS finally arrived, she became a suspect! Aislin was furious, and though she wasn't technically alive, she could swear she felt blood pumping through her veins. Then a thought.. a hope? maybe? flashed in the back of her mind:
Could this be some cruel joke played by Medusa? She could only hope. 


  1. how is it possible you are THIS freaking good at making these pics? Show me your ways old wise one....

  2. Hehe awww I dunno. I'm honestly not super happy with the first.. the extras' poses are boring... but sometimes its fun =P I've had a lot of practice now... x.x