Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A bracelet, earrings, and a... fail?

Well my title is backwards.  The fail is first.  I decided to attempt to incorporate my leather cord into a necklace.  I hadn't used it yet and it seemed simple enough to do.  The problem is that I tried too hard maybe?  It's nothing complicated, but idk it just didn't work, but I didn't take it apart.  I figured once I got the store up maybe there would be someone who didn't think it was as ugly as I think it is.

I'm just not sure at all what kind of shirt or dress that would actually look good with.  Meh.  But this is where the fail fades away and gradually gets better.  I decided I DID like the pattern and colors of the beads, and I don't make many bracelets, soooooOOOO:

I really like it, and I'm inspired now to make many more bracelets.  Now, for the finale, are the earrings I'd planned on making for a while.. almost since I got the beads.  They might be a bit long, but they aren't as heavy as they look:

I think it might help a tad if I remove the jump between the big hoop and the ear hook thing.  (the little circle)  I just felt like it would be a little stronger with it.  *shrugs*  We'll see, but otherwise I like, and actually think the picture turned out pretty cool with the shadowing :D


  1. i like it. its very pretty, and it can be great for everyday. i can see that going just as well with jeans and a T as with a nice blouse or dress.

  2. I absolutely <3 those earrings. As for a fail? No fail here. I love the colors together and I just noticed how beautifully you incorporated the cord into it. I think the only reason it seems a bit off is theres such a 'drastic-ness' between the two bead types. Ones super shiny and smooth, and the other is dark and rough. I really like it though, but I can see why you're on the fence about it. Keep making more like it !!!!

  3. I don't think it was a fail JK I like that necklace and the bracelet! The colors look really nice together! I love those earring too, they look really beautiful I agree with Zeri they all would look great with everyday!

  4. JK are you nuts?! LOL I love that necklace! No foolin'. I'd wear it with a peasant-style (gauze probably) or bohemian-style top and some jeans. The turquoise and earth-tones are perfect for something like that, especially layered with a couple other necklaces (and the bracelet & earrings you made). I think it would be beautiful with a more natural/bohemian/Native/hippie-style. Nice warm colors and natural fabrics & textures.

    Damn...I want it! The necklace would look really good paired with other earth-tones (and my earthy brown skin, lol ^_^) It reminds me of some pieces my aunt wore a few years ago (that I should ask for...hmmm...)

    The bracelet is adorable, but those EARRINGS. Jeebus, those are awesome! You should have a signature collection somewhere, dude! :D

    They're all BEAUTIFUL JK -- no fails that I can see at ALL!

  5. Aaww thanks guys :D Yes I think I could see that with a peasant top now that you say it :)