Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simply Sassy Assignment One

This assignment was basically our modeling portfolio, with two body shots and two headshots.  Some might call it vague, but sometimes I find a lot of creativity when given lots of room.  I'll post the pics, not going to bother with the collage kuz I hate it.  I'm also going to say I didn't notice till after I posted one of them a huge mistake, but I'm not going to say what it is till after they've been judged. :D


  1. Oh my... for petes sake! I'm over here with my jaw on the floor. These pics are gorgeous.

  2. That's truly flattering coming from you! Thank you so much :D

  3. Dude, I already commented on the first two, but the two headshots are equally impressive, especially the last one! And she's wearing Ennui's blush <333 Absolutely stunning pics, just beautiful and rich and clear, every one of them!