Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Just wanted to kind of get the word out there.  I'll not be hosting a cycle four of hitched, at least not any time soon.  Instead I had another competition idea.  I have been wanting to host a comp for a long time with one model and the ability to have more abstract assignments.  The main theme of it is going to be different art styles and the meaning behind them.  There may also be a few assignments that have two intertwined themes.  (Thank you for that idea, PistolKitten!)  But I may need to work on that and talk with PK a little more.  Some of my assignment ideas might be too difficult to tie in two themes, though.  I will go ahead and spill out some general assignment themes, so you guys can contemplate whether or not you would be interested:

Pop art headshot (That's one of the combo ones)

I have a few more, but not giving them away!  You have time to decide and plan, etc because I'm not starting it until both Hitched! and Faerie Folk are over.

Some rules I have planned:

Editing will be allowed, because I really do consider it an art form, however no face plastering and honestly not sure about photoskinning.  I still like the sim to be.. a sim.  Hair drawing will be allowed but I will tell you up front you'll get a lot of points off if it isn't.. .amazingly well done.  Also be prepared to take a huge hit in creativity if i see a sim cut out and simply plastered into a Van Gogh painting or some crap like that.

I think I'm going to be a little bit stricter with deadlines simply because I plan my deadlines around when I work and am able to get scores and the next assignment out in a timely manner.  I'm putting out the info kind of early because I'm reeeallly hoping to get some high talent.. There are some simmers I can see doing some AMAZING things with this comp.   Let me know if you guys have any feedback or are interested!

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