Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simply Sassy, Lover's Lane, and Calendar Girls

Simply Sassy:

Are there scales behind those iridecent feathers?
What are your angel wings hiding?
Your eyes see roses of pink and smiles
But the mirror reveals bloodstains and cobwebs.

Lover's Lane:

Calendar Girls:


  1. Love the Calender girls picture! That was one i missed before going to bed hehe....but then I ended up awake at 3am anyways lol

    Managed to finish a few of my own, which I'll get around to posting eventually lol

  2. I am so jealousn not only are your pictures awesome but you got them done!!!!!!*cries* Do you want to do one of mine?

  3. lol I was on a roll yesterday and couldn't stop. I almost wouldn't mind but I'm running out of time

  4. That's it, I quit *throws in picture-taking towel*! Gotta agree with Sun on the jealousy thing -- you are even HIGHER now on my list of sim-photography muses and people who I want to be just like....those are *^&#%^@ INCREDIBLE...I seriously DO want to watch you on the hell do you do it??

    The Lover's Lane pic is genius -- I have roses but no petals in my game. Those pics are just brilliant. Dude....I really am quitting now! xD And feel free to do my FF pictures!

  5. lmao... I'm glad you like them, but I'll totally trade talent if you want xD I just can't seem to nail down an abstract set :o