Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lover's Lane Entry and WoW ragequit xD

So may I say I had my first ragequit the other night on my mage in the Badlands.
It was a quest called The Sorrow and the Fury.  If any of you that play WoW have done this before and managed to make it, lemme know xD.  I died like seven times, and even had Brad give it a go.  My counterspell worked for her fear thing she did, but the cooldown was too long and despite me searching out a place with no mobs, those vikings still seemed to run straight for the baby dragons, and it's all downhill from there.  I also keep holding aggro, and yanno my mage is a little squishy D: .   I've abandoned the quest now, but I'm a little sad kuz apparently I'd get to see a cool cutscene with Deathwing at the end.  Meh.. For all the trouble I guess I'll just google it.

Anyway here's my entry for Lover's Lane:

Individual Shots:


  1. Thats one of the newer quests I think I've never done it...I might have to take a look though it's meant to be one of the harder single player quests in Azeroth.

    As a mage I would suspect you would have to kite her since the pets aggro pretty much sucks. Clear the North West corner....pull her out so if you get feared its not into all the adds, interrupt fear whenever possible.

    Sounds pretty intense, should be hard for Nomlette when she gets there!

  2. yeah I thought i was in the northwest corner.. but somehow the vikings always end up down in the mess of it all still. I need to get some kind of UI mod or something so i can follow cords

  3. Know nothing aboyt WoW, but your pictures are great!

  4. ^^ What Sun said lol. You have this uncanny ability to tell a story with your pictures...they're always so real and have a great deal of depth. You REALLY capture the feel of the story with your models & extras and the settings, oh man. It's incredible...lmao, you want to see MY process live? I wanna see YOURS!