Friday, February 11, 2011

Runaway Thread

So... omigawd.  I decided to catch up on some of my reading, and read some of Kami's "The Art of Forgetting".  (BTW, it's awesome so far, Kami!)

Well so I thought I'd tell her how awesome it was, when I had some forum difficulties on cloudTen.  The page messed up, and wasn't loading my post.  So I tried again.. Two times max.  Now listen.  You thought the EA forums were bad... I saw like five posts on there.  What I said posted five times.  So I started deleting.... well more and more popped up.  So at first I thought, "omuhgawd... it's reposting every time I delete."  So I made a post explaining what happened to Kami and apologized.  Well Blair realized that one was reposting, and reposting and reposting.  She made a post to see if it was just me.  Well it wasn't.  Her's was reposting and resposting.  Within minutes Kami's thread was on page seven and my post count went up by 100 and Kami's thread went to seven pages.

Here's a lil bit of the madness:

I'm embarrassed to say how long it took me to think to lock the thread.  I'm going to try deleting the excessive posts and unlock again and see if that works.   Hey, at least you might not feel as crappy about the EA forums. lol.


  1. That was total insanity.

    *starts giggling again*

    Good times...Good times...

  2. lmao a good memory at least xD

    forgot to mention I did contact the webs people and he sent a screenie to their "engineers".

  3. LOL dang, I hate I missed it....