Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nature's Finest and SIMplicity

For Nature's Finest, I was assigned a fruit.  I got banana, which totally made me think of this:

Here's the pic:

Next was SIMplicity Modeling, and the assignment was to make an ad.  I wanted to do something serious this time as opposed to the feminine hygiene product ad I once did lol.

I really like the second one because I feel like its a little more abstract and out of my norm.  The first one I'm pretty happy with as well.  BTW small amount of editing on the second one only to get the hamburger out of her hand xD


  1. my gawd amber you are so freakin amazing. *uber jealous*

  2. Oh.My.GOD! Both of those pictures are incredibly beautiful. My favorite is the first one. She has such a beautiful pose and the scenery is gorgeous.

    Awesome work.

  3. Niiiiiice - I love both of them! The banana shot is so beautiful with the tropical colors (and the fountain! yaayyyy fountains! xD), but the Dolce & Gabbana shot has my heart just a teeny bit more. I'm in love with the b&w background, and the colors pop out so much. Really beautiful!

  4. Thanks everyone! *hugs* You guys are way too nice!!

  5. Not too nice, dude -- giving praise where praise is highly due **hugs** <3

  6. WOW

    No other words express it properly....