Saturday, May 14, 2011

Masquerade: Assignment Five

Sleep for Carmen was never the same after the change as it was before. She had rarely remembered her dreams, but they were now unforgettable. They took on a surreal quality and her heightened senses were present in her dreams as much as they were "real life". The places in her dreams were familiar with a stange twist.
The subject of her dreams were almost always her sire, Jamie, and were sexual in nature.

The dreams were awkward at first, with Carmen becoming tense and uneasy with every touch from Jamie (a behavior which spilled into her real world). Jamie maintained a confident, sensual air to her, and always seemed to have a knowing expression, as if to say, "Sooner or later..." And she was right, for the dreams soon became enjoyable, and something Carmen looked forward too. The awkardness that occurred in Carmen's interactions with Jamie gradually turned into timid flirting.

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